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unconscious nude chick

I was watching HBO's show "Topless Prophet" (I was really drunk), and the show was about a stripper who was recruiting new strippers. As the new strippers got ready and did their thing, the experienced girl helped them out. She said that sometimes girls get so freaked out their first time on stage that they pass out. This seems rather unbelievable to me, but who am I to question a stripper?

Anyway I was thinking this could be a plot bunny. I've never read a story like that, don't know how quite to work it in.

The woman of the house is changing as the pool boy walks by the window, their eyes lock, she freaks out and passes out, then awkwardness ensues.

Or maybe she's like one of the fainting goats and passes out when the top comes off...?
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She wasn't in the house, she was walking by the pool on her way to the lounge chair, hoping to get some nude suntanning time in before the kids came home from school. The poolboy had changed his schedule, coming by on Tuesday instead of Thursday, and the hubby knew this, but he didn't tell his wife. She freaks out and passes out, falling into the pool.

Poolboy does what anyone would do, he dives in to rescue the unconscious lady. When she comes to, he's carrying her out of the pool, awkwardly trying to do CPR while he walks, and she spurts pool water into his face as she coughs back into awareness. He's only wearing shorts, she has nothing on, and now they have to figure out what to make of the situation. The naked wife is in another man's arms as they look up to see hubby walking across the yard, a glare on his face...

Plot twist: Did the hubby neglect to tell his wife about the schedule change because he's forgetful? Or was it because he wanted her to be naked in front of the guy she has been (silently) crushing on? Maybe he's trying for a three-way. And why is he home so early?

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Warning: shameless plug!

If the idea of a helpless unconscious damsel being rescued by an initially well-intentioned saviour is interesting, take a look at Dirty Talk. In a story-within-the-story, our surfer-hero Spike rescues the unconscious damsel on his surf board and in the process of trying to save her from the pounding surf and keep her afloat on his board, accidentally allows his cock to slide into her pussy while they ride the wild surf into safety.

Improbable? Sure, but lots of fantasy fun, too.

Can I Change Your Mind: A hot new story by Belinda LaPage.

Story ideas currently in the washing machine of my brain:
- Step-siblings: This could be good as a long series of guilty rationalisations.
- Virtual Rider: This could be fun - I'll see if I've got any secret sex left in me after Sponge Toss
- Perfect Snatch: A sexy game show
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