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Cool Cop gets hot latina partner

LAPD cop Tom gets a new female rookie, Isabella a hot Latina that he finds just distant and rude to him.

-He doesn't remember her, but Isabella remembers him.
-Two years ago when Alice was in her junior year of college, she was on tough financial times after her parents cut her off for poor grades. She then stole food from a super store, that Tom was a security guard at.

-Tom was twenty three graduated college after a year stuck as a dead end security guard, working with an overweight forty year old superior, Kevin.
-Kevin attempted to coerce her into sex and threatened to call the police.

-Tom came to her rescue telling her not to come back to the store anymore, and scolding her. But after having the hard rigid persona he lets her go. He also gave her two hundred dollar out of his wallet, telling her he knows how hard college can be, and how how hard it is to balance things. He gives her names of churches in the area that have meal programs for college kids.

-A week later she did come back to pay him back, after her parents reconciled with her. But she found out Tom had moved to become a cop.

-In the present again it's all by coincidence that she becomes his partner. She did not arrange it. When she does become his partner she decides to be all cold and rude to him to not allow her immense respect for him turn into rejected love.

-One day the two of them are sitting in a bar and Tom calls her out on her attitude. Before she can reply he kisses her. Then goes up to order food leaving her stumped. he still doesn't remember who she is. She then tells him after she realizes he likes her.
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