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Mark grinned at Cassie's surprise reaction to the size of his member. He often got that same response from the few women he dated as he didn't look like the type of guy to be packing that kind of weapon between his legs. In fact for most of his life he hadn't. he had been pretty average at just 6 inches until medical science had come along.

Most guys had gone with the new craze of injecting these new nanites and pumping themselves up and gaining muscle mass quickly to impress the ladies. The only problem with that was that you had to continue to work out or you just as quickly lost your physique. Mark just didn't have the time to put in the hours needed to have a body like that, but he had thought of something.

A cop was required to do a certain amount of gym work a week and keep a certain level of fitness. he had worked out just how much and then calculated just what dosage of nanites he could use. then he had got a friend from CSI to run a computer simulation on what he would look like. Not a powerhouse but enough of an improvement to justify the expense, so he had purchased a dose and done it.

of course this had left him about half a dose and not wanting to waste much he had thought about offering it to another cop. then inspiration struck in all places the shower. he had been drying off when he grabbed his crotch thinking of Cassie as usual and started to jerk off. Then looking at what he was doing he caught himself. Wasn't this an exercise? Now just how often did he do this? Grinning he worked it out and he then walked into his room and pulled out the chart he had been given, worked out a dose, and injected his cock directly.

Within a week he had 12 inches in his pants when erect and sometimes up to 14 when truly excited, and thick well the term a babies hand holding a ball seemed apt or maybe even a little mild.

Grinning at Cassie now he shrugged out of his shirt and holster and then pulled down his pants and underwear exposing his body to her. Then he pulled down her leather pants and smiled as he saw just how wet she was.

"Well that is going to make this a hell of a lot easier," he grinned as he led her to a small tree bending her over and turning her around so she could brace herself against it. Then placing his head at her entrance he slowly pushed until it entered her and then kept right on going until he was buried fully inside of her.

He was surprised. There were not many women that could take him so easily and fully. Obviously Cassie was an experienced woman and when she had said she liked to fuck she had meant it. He reveled in the fact he was fully inside then he pulled back and started to fuck her slowly. It was not often he got to experience this and he was going to make it last. Leaning over he grabbed her breasts and massaged them before gripping her nipples and tugging and rolling them around in his fingers he pinched them slightly.

Then he began to murmur in her ear. "I am going to fuck you so hard and deep you are going to walk funny for days. It is not often I find a woman who can take my full length so when I do I take my time. Be prepared to be fucked for hours."

So saying he let go of her breasts and then grabbed her hips and began to plow into her with long firm strokes.
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A few hours later

Real love can make amazing things happen. Cassie and Mark had been fucking for hours, but she was not done yet… she reached over and grabbed his cock gently.

"Do you think you've got one more left in you?" she asked as her hand slowly began to stroke his monstrous shaft up and down.

"I don't know if-Mmm" Mark tried to reply but was cut off as Cassie kissed him deeply. They kissed like this for a minute, as Mark's hands squeezed and played with her breasts and as Cassie began to grind her pussy against his leg. They both moaned and gasped as they played with each other until Mark's cock was thick and throbbing and Cassie's cunt was soaked and trembling from desire.

Cassie swung her leg over Mark’s hips, sinking down onto his cock as they sat in the comfortable grass, "Yesss..." she groaned. Her hips swiveled, grinding back and forth on Mark. His huge tool inside of her. As her hips moved, she could feel every ridge and vein as it moved inside of her, and Mark could feel every silky contour as her pussy pulsed tightly around his cock.

Mark had stamina but after those earlier huge orgasms Cassie had her doubts. But real love is amazing and he was so hard so large, she would have thought he had not cum in a month!

She began to work his cock in and out of her cunt. She even pulled his cock out and slapped it against her dangling cunt lips with short quick movements of her hand. She rubbed his cock-head up and down the furrow of her pussy and teased her clit with it. Her hot juices were flowing like crazy. His huge cock was covered in her wetness.

He moved his head closer to her chest and her big melons. The nipples were hard …begged him to suck on them. Inches from his face, and he leaned his head down and gingerly tongued the nipple of her left breast. It stiffened instantly, swelling into a thick knot of tightness. As he hungrily sucked her nipple into his mouth, Cassie moaned deep in her throat. “MMMMMMMMM”

She cradled his head with her free hand, pushed his face hard into her sensitive nipple. He continued to suck on her rigid excited nipple; he gripped her abundant breast-flesh squeezing as Cassie squealed in pleasure.

“FUCK ME” she begged as Mark rammed his huge rod into her. Stretching her tight pussy … “OH SHIT YOUR BIG” she gasped but she took him in all the way up to the hilt in one smooth motion. Mark could not believe the tightness and pleasure of her cunt. He sank deep into her, and he felt her cunt muscles convulse and tighten around him with delicious force.

Cassie had never felt this way before. Mark was an incredible lover. Each powerful stroke rocked her body sending waves of pleasure through her. She gasped for breath as his massive cock plunge into her. Over and over. She was lost in the intense pleasure.

Soon her pussy was throbbing and trembling wildly. “OHHH SHIT I’m going to CUMMM AGAIN” Cassie warned Mark. As she thrust against his cock… he was all the way in her and he stopped thrusting and held her still. Her pussy tensed up… held for a second… and then exploded in a powerful orgasm. Quivering and contracting all over his huge throbbing cock. “FUCKKKKKKKKKK” she squealed as she came long and hard. She did not move against his immense cock but just ground on it as her pussy orgasmed and milked his giant cock with her pussy muscles.

She could feel his rock hard cock inside of her, pulsing with hot blood. Her pussy muscle triggered Mark’s massive cock to orgasm. He began to pump her full of his seed. It felt like a jet of hot water being spray up her pussy. He squirted cum shot after cum shot until he was finally done. They both kissed and stay that way for a while.

“I think our watch is over” Cassie said looking at how far the moon had moved across the night sky while they had been fucking.

Mark looked back at Cassie and quietly “shushed” her.

As they sat naked in the grass field not far from the camp, Cassie's cunt full of cum, they heard two voices talking.

The first voice laughed “That female human with the big breasts was so scared I think she wet herself running away!”

The second voice sounded like a cat purring “The brave paladin with the red hair… she was as scared as a mouse!! Meow! To think she was going to capture us! Two of the best thieves in the region, Meow!”

Both voices laughed.

Mark and Cassie could just make out two shapes move in the forest, one looked like an elf only with dark skin and other a human with cat like features.

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Mark looked at Cassie and his face got a little hard. "Fuck," he whispered to her. "So that is why all those townspeople came after us like that. Those two did something too them."

Glaring at them he began to get all riled up. He had been involved in a few ambushes in his time as a cop and had only escaped by the skin of his teeth on several occasions. What was worse is that he was a lucky one. He knew of a couple of officers that hadn't, so this situation really beginning to get to him.

Looking at Cassie an idea began to form in his mind and looking back at the women he knew it was just the right sort of thing to do, especially after the way they had been talking.

"C'mon Cas, we're not going to let a pair of thieves get away with talking shit about us are we?" he asked her. "I say we catch them and then...'Interrogate' the suspects," he said with a wicked little chuckle.

He went to move and then as the night air blew across his naked body he looked down. Crap, that was right, they were naked and unarmed and in the middle of the woods with 3 members of their party still asleep. If they waited to wake them up the two might escape, or worse, attack and literally catch them with their pants down.

Then Mark smiled. Well why not? He signaled for Cassie to keep quiet and then moved off the way the women had been going. Luckily it was a relatively bright night and the two of them were chatting loud enough for them to follow a safe distance behind. As they got closer mark started searching the ground and then found what he was looking for, a stout piece of wood that would make an excellent club.

He handed it to Cassie and then explained his plan. Seeing her grin he knew she was in and he held a finger to his lips and she started to giggle. The two of them began to creep forward next to each other,gaining ground, despite the awkward way they were moving because of his plan. Finally they moved a little ahead and Cassie quickly hid while Mark moved a little further forward and waited.

It didn't take long and as the two criminals walked passed Cassie he casually stepped out in front of them and coughed. Their reactions were priceless. The Elf stopped in place and froze looking at him while the cat squealed like a frightened cat and actually jumped in the air before landing and opening her mouth to speak before freezing.

The reason they were so shocked was two fold. One was because he was naked and had surprised them. The other was that as they were making their way here, Cassie had been playing with his cock and it was now standing up proud in front of him.

"So ladies I was wondering, could either of you help me out a little. I appear to be lost," he grinned as he turned first one way and then the other watching their heads follow.

Cassie had no trouble coming up behind them and silently knocking them both out. He moved forward and began to undress them. Seeing Cassie's look he only smiled wider. "Hey we need to tie them up and unless you have something stashed somewhere I don't know about, and I thought I gave you a very thorough examination earlier, then their clothes will have to do."

Once they had been bound hand and foot Mark looked down at them with a hungry gaze. "You know Cas," he began, "Perhaps we should find out what is going on around here. These two seemed to be able to control that crowd awfully easily and we don't want that to happen to us. Maybe we should interrogate them one at a time to see if it was a magic item, or if one of them knows a spell or something, what do you think? Besides a little payback might be in order," he said looking at the two.
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Cassie was surprised at the size of both thieves. They were smaller than a normal human, both probably around 5 feet tall. Both were beautiful but there was a dangerous “air” about them. The cat furry woke up first before the dark elf. In front of her was Cassie and Mark. Both were still completely naked. Mark massive cum shot was leaking down Cassie's legs while Mark's huge din-dong was swaying in the wind.

“I think these two are both real knockouts!” Cassie said to Mark making a bad play on words.

“Well, the furry one is waking up… I guess the cat… purred severed.” Mark stated. Making a pun of his own.

“Nice one!” Cassie congratulated Mark, and then they both did a little fist bump.

“So what are your names?” Cassie asked the two thieves.

“We don’t need to tell you anything” The dark elf stated.

“Just make up some names, we don’t care… or we’ll start calling you shithead 1 and 2” Cassie said.

“Umdalyn Abaer” The Dark elf answered shaking her head a little bit to clear it up.

“Dolmu” The cat person answered.

“Dolmu I can handle… But Umdalyn Abaer is too much. I’ll call you Um, for short” Cassie said

“Now, how did you two turn the whole pub against us a few hours ago?” Cassie asked.

Both thieves looked at each other, but said nothing.

“Ok Mark… get hard again… you’ll need to fuck these two anal, no lube” Cassie threatened.

Both thieves’ eye grew wide as they stared at Mark huge cock.

“You two are SICK SHITS” Dolmu answered

“Just answer the question. Or are you a Pussy?” Cassie said, laughing as her own cat pun.

“Cassie, your puns are bad” Mark commented as he grabbed his huge cock and started to stroke it. It became bigger and bigger.

“Ok… it was just luck. The town’s folk have made up a legend that when that eerie wind is blowing, the locals called it “the devil’s wind”, they think demons are coming into their town. They were jumpy and we suggested they kill anyone entering the pub.” Dolmu explained.

“I guess the cat does not have Dolmu’s tongue” Cassie joked.

“I know it’s difficult to know where to draw fe-line, when it comes to cat jokes. But you should stop” Mark suggested

“Well, we have our answer.” Cassie concluded “and you know what they say “curiosity killed the cat”” Cassie said and then added. ”And they weren't kitten”. She burst out laughing at her own joke. “Time to kill these two!”
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