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Sperm donation to friend turns into loving femdom

A successful business lady in her late 30's wants to have a baby but is not in a relationship.
She contacts an old male friend from college , to see if he would know anyone to help her get a donor sperm in a more loving way than a test tube in a clinic.
So being a nice guy , widowed young with 3 grown up kids , so clearly fertile and with some free time he offers to help her himself.
He suggests they go on a few platonic dates to get to know each other again , so that when they do have sex it will feel a more loving natural thing to do.

After a few dates she tells him that next week is the right time , and he suggests that she should buy him some new brief underwear , that she would like him to wear , so that when he turns up at her place to have sex , the sight of them might make her smile and ease any tension.

So he turns up at her place , wearing just the black briefs under his coat.

When he arrives they have a few drinks and a chat to relax themselves and he says to her.
"This evening you are in charge sexually , take things at whatever pace you want and do whatever you want.

So she puts on some music and asks him to slow dance with her.
As she takes him by the hand and pulls him towards her, she peels off his coat , and looks down his body and smiles when she sees the briefs she bought .
But she finds herself very aroused by the sight of his bulge in them...and she reaches out her hand to cup his balls and pulls him roughly towards her.

" You look amazing she whispers in his ear, and thanks for being so helpful to me ... and if you really mean that I am in charge I am going to fuck your brains out !.
With that she produces a ball gag from her bag slips it into his mouth.
She turns him around and ties his arms with her scarf ...and as she slowly licks his left nipple with her tongue .she looks up and whispers in his ear ..now I think we are ready to make babies....my way....

Just an idea for a good female dominant author..
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