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Lit Chat for Newbies

Welcome to LIT CHAT......... Here are a few helpful hints to make your experience a pleasant one.

We want you to enjoy chatting on Lit, so first the important bit, - did you read the chat rules? http://forum.literotica.com/showthre...6#post84993626. Please stay within them. Failing to do so may get you warned, kicked from the room, or totally banned from the site, depending on where you are stepping out of line. You may also want to take a look at the Terms of Service for all of Literotica here: https://www.literotica.com/stories/tos.php .

The site is fairly easy going, however, discussing or suggesting illegal activities such as underage, actual incest, bestiality, snuff, rape/abuse, will get you banned immediately.

Trolls, whose sole purpose is to annoy other chatters or spam the rooms, will be removed.

We’d like people to chat here, not elsewhere, so please do NOT advertise or solicit people to other chat sites/apps such as Skype, Kik, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo...etc..etc.. Also, please do NOT post non-Lit links in the open rooms. This is a also a form of advertising,

Respect the CM's (Chat Moderators, - names with a gray star against their name in the room occupants list) they are in the room to keep it legal, safe and free from undesirable spam.
If you need help from a CM, there is a room called 'Chat Mods Office' where you can usually find a CM or leave a message.

The room 'leavers & joiners' scroll can be stopped by clicking on the little grey info button, bottom right, this will allow or stop you seeing it.

The '+' sign at the top opens the other rooms list for you, then select one to join.
You can make your own room if you wish, it's an option at the bottom of the ‘room select’ ('+') as above, but be aware that all rooms are public rooms, there are no 'Private' rooms on Lit.

There are small arrows beside each name on the list at the right....click it for a drop-down to:- read profiles, ignore someone or PM.

It is good chat etiquette to ask the person in the room first, before PMing them.

Everyone has a 'Profile' and you can configure yours to your own details here:


Don't take it all too personally or seriously...we are here to have fun.

Welcome, and enjoy Lit.

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Doing it wrong
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(and thanks to littleminx99 for the idea for this guide, as well as the bulk of its friendly text)
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