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Has anybody here published?

Just wondering if anybody on here has published full length erotic novels?
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Plenty have.

I found it was fine, but the excitement wore off after awhile. To make a go of it properly, you need to keep up your output.
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Yep, but the erotic ebook boom has slowed way down. Plus, some places like Amazon Kindle ebooks have kind of hidden or made it difficult to get too the erotica they made so much money from in the name Political Correctness.
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Originally Posted by AllMyDreams View Post
Just wondering if anybody on here has published full length erotic novels?
It's easy to publish. It's hard to promote.

These days, I'm writing more for enjoyment than I do making money. Fun story though, I did lose my day job recently so maybe it's time to start querying.
Jocelyn The Wicked
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Oh, something north of 150 of them. (Like the one in my current avatar.)
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AllMyDreams asks: "Just wondering if anybody on here has published full length erotic novels?"

Sadly, that's never happened, and probably never will. I've written a total of 24 short stories for this Literotica site - with six of them currently even being designated as "HOT" - but it would seem that my having a full-lengthed novel published is just not in the cards.

I HAVE, however, had one of my short-stories turned into an erotic encounter on video, which was certainly pretty cool! You see, I am a HUGE FAN of erotic girl/girl videos, and the place I regularly frequent to purchase lesbian DVD's has always been LezLoveVideo.com, and they have a forum there where I actually became acquainted with a woman who wrote & directed videos for both Girlfriends Films & Sweetheart Video!

Well, to make a long story short, back around eleven-years ago this same woman asked me if I had any storyline ideas (I've always especially loved those lesbian-video-encounters with erotic intros), and so I took one of my stories from this site ("The Casting Couch" - written by me back in 2001) and kind of turned it into a script which I then e-mailed to her. And to my immense satisfaction it soon after appeared as the opening scene in a 2008 DVD-release from Sweetheart Video starring Kylie Ireland & Samantha Ryan ("Lesbian Daydreams 01: Older Women, Younger Girls"), and it was really HOT, as well!

I would LOVE to have made an entire career out of writing erotic scripts for lesbian scenes! Sadly, WAY too many girl/girl videos nowadays seemingly prefer showing two girls going at it for no reason whatsoever, aside from them both being together in the same bedroom. Most of the girl/girl video directors today are (in my opinion) talentless pinheads with very little in the way of erotic-imagination and/or creativity. All they are capable of anymore is churning-out copious amounts of XXX-garbage-porn. Still, it was certainly nice getting involved at least that one time!
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anyone can self publish these days. lots of websites for that. have been for over a decade. Zulu comes to mind as one place.

From what actually comes out in the general publication system, id actually feel insulted if I was published through a modern publishing company
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Originally Posted by Voboy View Post
Plenty have.

I found it was fine, but the excitement wore off after awhile. To make a go of it properly, you need to keep up your output.
I've just gone through the learning curve as an act of pure self indulgence - I want a printed copy on my bookshelf. I expect to make no money at all, as I have no intention of doing the content churn that other writers talk about.

I'll knock together a few anthologies by tidying up some of my existing content because that's the easy bit and the words are already there, but promotion will be just about zero, because the return is not commensurate with my time. Some uber-loyal fans might buy some, we'll see.

My stories: https://www.literotica.com/stories/m...ge=submissions

E-books and print books available from: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/A_A_Cain
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