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Cool LF Editor for dark epic fantasy series

Looking for detailed editor, chapters will always hover around 14k word length. Regular posting of chapters every 3-4 weeks.

Hoping for help not just with checking for spelling and grammar, but also dialogue critique as I feel it's my weakest area at the moment. Character, pacing, and dialogue in general are what I haven't done as well as setting description and action sequences.

The series is a dark fantasy, with demons, angels, fantasy races, and heavy use of magic. Link to first chapter is in my signature.

My writing experience
is that I mainly do science writing, did lots of essays through college, and had some high school experience of creative writing and literary analysis. In the past I've made a start on three novels when I was still in my teens and made all the beginner mistakes of ridiculous reliance on tropes, overpowered characters, or cliche 'redemption' type stories.

Nowadays I do lots of regular fantasy reading, going through my little copy of Elements of Style, On Writing by Stephen King, and listening to lectures by Sanderson on technical aspects of fantasy writing.

I don't think I'll ever be finished in trying to become a better writer, and while this is a hobby for me, I'd like to aim for professional quality work.

My reading tastes
: Currently reading through Brandon Sanderson's Warbreaker novel, before I tackle the Stormlight Archives series. Have also read the majority of the Wheel of Time series, His Dark Materials, The Magician, LOTR, Eragon (what not to do), and also a bit of classic literature like Old Man and the Sea, Virgin and the Gypsy and others.

I've also DMed a campaign for D&D5E, so I appreciate the details of world building and setting, and if you read my series you'll notice some inspiration from the tabletop game.
Sci-Fi and Fantasty writer, Author of Son of Mars and Venus

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