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Available to edit ~~ February 2019

If you have a little time to spare and want to help others, be sure to add your name to this thread. Or check the forum for new threads asking for assistance and reply.

Include preferences in your post.

* Specify if you are unwilling to edit certain topics/categories, or if you have a word limit.

Turn on Private Messages.

* To switch on your Private Messages, go to User CP (top left of this page), click on Edit Options (in the left hand column), and then tick Enable Private Messaging in the second box down. Make sure that the box titled Receive Private Messages only from Buddies and Moderators is NOT ticked. Finally, click Save Changes at the bottom of that page.


* No e-mail addresses allowed in posts ~ personal info prohibited per forum guidelines.

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[edit I'm overwhelmed with editing work, so I'm hitting pause for the rest of the month. If you've sent me a story already, I'll edit it, and I'll accept new submissions from authors I've already helped in the past too. Everybody else check back in March]
I'm interested in helping writers with individual pieces, but I am also keen to mentor developing authors.

Here is my usual blurb:

I offer friendly but honest appraisal, tips on all aspects of storytelling, and line-level grammar/punctuation editing. If you are serious about improving your story and your writing craft, I am the editor for you. I don't work with careless or lazy writers, so do your best to eliminate basic errors before submitting.

Credentials: writer, teacher, published academic, ex-journalist, two years as a university-employed writing tutor, eight years ESL teaching, four years as a professional academic book editor.

Any subject matter/orientation is fine; I'll be looking at the story, not judging your tastes. I write stories with female and male POV, all orientations, and sex acts ranging from vanilla to fetish to whatever.

My current turnaround is 17 days. I prefer .doc or .docx and track changes.
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Have some time on my hands so open to doing a little beta reading / editing. Take a look at some of my works to see my style of writing.


I am enthusiastic rather than professional (do not write for a living) but do think I can help on grammar, continuity and plotline feedback.

Not bothered about genre, but don't really go for MM gay sex. Prefer stories to be sent as text in email and I will reply with a word document (review comments turned on). When asking please provide the usual:

- Genre and quick synopsis of storyline
- Number of words (ideally up to 10K to get a quicker turnaround)
- Any deadline you are working to
- Your native language (helps to know what to expect in terms of English)
- What you are wanting to get back (gives an indication of where to focus, for example are you open to suggestions on storyline as well as grammar?)

Send me a private message if you want to discuss further.
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I won't touch copy with the following: rape, drugs, non-con, BDSM, scat or piss, not keen on gay male but otherwise most else goes.

MS word is my preferred format but will use Open Office/Libre Office.

PM me your requirements with detail of category and word count and I will see what I can do.

I usually reply to PM's within 24 hours (allowing for time zone differences)

Available on Skype, Hangouts or as a last resort kik for the ladies (same name as here), but please text only to start with. Voice is not always possible due to my hearing problems, but if we get on I am willing to try voice or video.


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I am a new editor and am available to edit for the rest of February 2019. There will be a limit to how many authors I can help, but feel free to ask!

I will not edit stories concerning Incest, not even tangentially. ABDL themes are also not my thing.

I published my first story this week (after reading and enjoying so many). It has been ABSOLUTELY TRASHED either by Anonymous users or new users, who have not written a single thing. I don't think Anonymous users should be allowed to vote on stories OR their votes should be weighted and be given only 1/10th value!

Besides basic grammar and plot consistency checking, I am happy to offer plot advice. Please be clear about which fetish elements are important to YOU. They matter, not my personal interests or preferences, which I may or may not share with you.

Above all, have fun!
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