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Prison Correspondence

An idea I had for a role play.

You are a woman convicted and sentenced for a felony - at this time what you were convicted of remains a secret.
I don't know you but I am lonely and saw an ad in a prison personals web page.

Fill in the details here on what you would say in your ad.

Perhaps you're hiding a secret...perhaps what you were convicted of is shameful?

But your expected release date is not for a long time - you decide.

You ad gives you a chance to open a window on your life...your passions and ambitions.

Give me something to start a long conversation on....maybe slip in some real life information about yourself ?

I would expect this to be a long RP, lasting months even.

Anyone interested, drop a PM for me to read in the form of an on-line personal ad. It wouldn't be too long.
Then wait for a "letter" to drop in yours.

They say the worst thing about prison is the loneliness.

A letter out of the blue can make literally all the difference in the world.

Hoping you'll respond.

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