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Con artist misled government on hush payments to cover up his affairs

House Oversight and Reform Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings, in a letter to White House Counsel Pat Cipollone, said “the panel has now obtained internal notes taken by the Office of Government Ethics (OGE) describing their interactions with the White House lawyers regarding the President’s payments and debts to Michael Cohen.”

In short, the con artist and his attorney first said on official government documents, the money Cohen gave to the multiple women to keep quiet about the con artist's affairs during the campaign was not a loan and didn't need to be repaid.

Sheri Dillon, the con artist's personal attorney, responded to several requests by the Office of Government Ethics investigators on clarification for the money that she was not aware of any such payments for reimbursement, later stating she confirmed with the client (the con artist) no such payments were needed.
Referencing an interview that Rudy Giuliani did on Fox News May 2, 2018, in which the president’s personal attorney appeared to acknowledge that his client reimbursed Cohen - calling the payments a “retainer” that was “funneled through a law firm,” and also noting a Trump tweet a day later confirming the reimbursement as “a private contract between parties,” Cummings said OGE officials then asked Dillon about the money.

“At that point, Dillon abandoned her previous argument that President Trump never made any payments to Mr. Cohen,” the letter to Cipollone states, adding, “Instead she told OGE officials: ‘Mr. Cohen always knew that he would be reimbursed but the mechanisms for reimbursement changed over time.’” Dillon, according to the committee documents, likened the reimbursements to “payments for a kitchen remodel.”
However, documents obtained by prosecutors in New York show there was no such retainer agreement in place.
And in May 2018, the president - on his financial disclosure forms - disclosed up to $250,000 in payments to Cohen, though a footnote on the document indicated that the disclosure was “not required.” But the chairman cited in the Cipollone letter court documents in the Cohen case which state that the payments actually totaled $420,000, significantly higher than that indicated on the financial disclosure form.
Needless to say, neither the con artist or Dillon responded to requests for clarification on their lies and documentation.

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