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Originally Posted by Iainmore View Post
But thanks for trying to be constructive. I guess I just have to think American. I will dig out my Raymond Chandler collection although I suspect modern America doesn't follow the conventions of that great American writer and I suspect Literotica doesn't either.
No, you don't need to "learn American."

I write in Australian English, with 85 stories/chapters posted over four years. Not once have I had a story rejected because of it, not once has anybody commented (well, once a numb-nuts commented on some archaic spelling that was oh so obviously deliberate), because you know why? The content is grammatically correct, punctuation is consistent and correct, spelling is correct (Australian), the technical elements of the writing are correct.

Your posts go on about periods and long blocks of text, which just confuses me. What are you actually talking about? Of course you need periods (by which I assume you mean full stops, but to be honest, I'm not sure), commas, semicolons - they're the fundamentals of sentence structure. I'm reading your posts and I'm scratching my head. I'm seeing poor punctuation and non-sequiturs, and now a shot at modern America vs great writers, and Brit vs America, but I'm mostly seeing poor punctuation.

But one thing is certain, if you write properly in whichever cultural version of English you grew up in, it will get through. It just has propery written, is all. It's not a Brit English vs American English thing, not at all; it's being able to write in English, period.

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