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I discovered my neighbor on an adult webcam.

Occasionally I browse around through some of the adult webcam sites to watch some live (and basically amateur) porn activity. I have kept this curiosity of mine to myself and not spoken of it with anyone. (Most of the people I know would never guess I indulge in such things.)
A day or so ago, I clicked on one of the offerings of a popular adult webcam provider only to discover my next door neighbor in her backyard romping around in and out of her pool and enjoying herself in front of her laptop computer. I could hardly believe it. I would have never suspected this from her. I went into my kitchen and looked out my kitchen window which looks into their back yard. I could tell she was out in her yard, but she was in a part of her yard that is hidden from view of my window. I went out into my backyard and quietly walked over to the fence to peek through the slats and confirmed it was her. Wow! What a surprise!
I said all this in order to pose the question, "Should I approach her on the subject and let her know I stumbled across her webcam activity?" I've thought of possibly waiting until a chance to broach the subject and mentioning it. (I don't really want to tell anyone I was viewing such things anymore than she would want it known among the local folks that she does it.) I've also thought about walking into her yard while she was at it, surprising her.
Ideas, anyone?
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By posting in this section, I take it you're writing a story about this and seeking the assistance of a volunteer editor?

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-Becker, Season 2, Episode 21
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