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The Discussion Topics Library

If you wish to start a topic thread about writing, please title it: On Writing: Your Topic. It will keep things neatly organized and easier to find when we get someone to take over the Discussion Library.
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The Discussion Topics Library

This thread is meant to be an archive of discussion topics on the craft of writing. Its purpose is to act as a resource to new and seasoned Literotica writers alike and to prevent older discussion threads from vanishing in the depths of the forum where those interested to discuss the topic may not find them.

The library is a work in progress, and more links will be added as threads are created. The original SDC librarian was Alex756, and I have used the work he had already done on compiling the threads.

Literotica guidelines: violence

How do you plot out your stories?

Defining Erotica

Exposition over Action: When is Telling better than Showing?

The Short Story vs. The Novel

I/You Stories and Alternatives

Motivation of Characters

How mandatory is a decent plot?

Dark Stories

Discussion Thread: Writers' Issues: Tension, Surprise

On Writing: Foreign languages in an English story

On Writing: Making Characters Think Out Loud

On Writing: Dialogue

On Writing: How to handle backstory?

On Writing: Passive v. Active voice

On Writing: Showing and telling

On Writing: Crits and Feedback

On Writing: Theme

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I'm grateful for this section and the help it offers aspiring writers.
I've had a bit of success though more would be welcome!
And by "success" I mean both A) writing better fiction and B) pleasing more readers.
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