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The ORP how to: Pick the right forum.

This is taken from the Lit story boards area, defining Sexual Role Play Forum and Online Role Play Forum. Also there is a "How To" written by Hecate that is a MUST READ for any new comers (and some old timers ) that will help answer all those questions about Role Playing here.

What are the SRP and ORP forums for?

The Sexual Role Playing and Online Role Playing forums are places where users can collectively create stories. One user will start a story thread, and others can join in, inventing characters and situations as they go along.

The Online Role Playing area is for a more traditional RPG, only with an erotic theme. These stories generally involve adventures and quests, involving mystical or futuristic beings with magic powers. These are stories with the occassional sex scene in there, but mostly plot twists and fight scenes (of applicable)

Examples: Batman - Return of the Jedi - Die Hard - Lord of The Rings

The Sexual Role Playing area is more free-form. Topics of stories can range from high school reunions to hospital scenarios to wedding encounters. But one thing in common, it's 90% sexual encounters with bits of plot in between.

Examples: Busty Cops - Doing the Mailman - School girl needs a spanking - Tie Me Tightly, Sir

Before jumping into either forum, we recommend you read the excellent Hecate's ' Roleplay Online' Guide, which discusses everything from character creation to roleplay etiquette.

(I didn't write this, I borrowed it years back from previous Mods)
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