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Exclamation Site Editors vs Volunteer Editors and Other Quick Facts

Site Editors vs Volunteer Editors
Literotica has Site Editors and Site Administrators who review stories which authors submit to Literotica for posting. Site Editors determine whether or not those stories meet Literotica’s requirements and either accept or reject stories on that basis.

Volunteer Editors volunteer their time and skills helping authors with editing issues which may include spelling, grammar, word usage, character development, plot development and the like. Volunteer editing normally occurs before an author submits a new story to be posted on the site, but also may occur when an author re-works a story which has already been approved and posted, but which the author wishes to improve.

Volunteer Editors are not Site Editors and have no control over whether or not Literotica accepts a story for posting.

The Editor's Forum serves three functions.
  • It is a place where an author can request that a Volunteer Editor review a story.
  • It is a place where a Volunteer Editor can look for and respond to such author requests as the Volunteer Editor’s time, workload and interest allows.
  • It is a place where Volunteer Editors and authors can speak with each other about editing issues common to both of them.

Whoever you need to contact about a story, please remember that Literotica is not a pay site and the Volunteer Editors program is ... voluntary. Being polite and asking questions tends to get you further than ranting and demanding action.

How to Contact Site Editors

If you are having problems or have questions about a submitted story, you can contact Laurel by Private Message. Please keep in mind that Laurel is one of the site owners and administrators and her volume of PMs and emails is probably high.

How to Contact Volunteer Editors
You can go through the Volunteer Editor Program which provides a list of editors. Please note that some editors who may have signed up for the program have left Lit or are no longer available for editing but never disabled their profiles. VE Profiles are listed in chronological order of when they were submitted or updated. You will probably have better luck with VEs listed on the first few pages.

You can post a request here on the Editor's Forum where some of the VEs post. Based on time and workloads, someone should respond by either posting a response or sending a Private Message.

What to do When Asking for VE Help
If you are going to be sending or posting an initial request for help from a Volunteer Editor, it's usually helpful to provide the following information:
  • What kind of editing you expect (proofreading, content feedback, any specific areas of concern you might have with the story).
  • What category it is, if there are any fetish or kink that might not be to everyone's taste.
  • A brief synopsis - even just one or two lines - is preferable over pasting the entire story in your post.
  • The approximate length of the story (word count rather than page count)
  • What your expectation is for turn around (a day, a week, etc)
  • what kind of Word Processor you use (Word, WordPad, etc)
  • Make sure that your Private Message function is enabled or that you provide a valid email address (don't post it though ... spambots will get it) so the VE can get in touch with you.
  • When you do send a document to a VE, please take the time to spell check it first, ensure that it formatted properly. The Volunteer Editors will help ... but they won't do everything for you.
Here's a sample of what a request might look like:

Looking for an editor to review spelling, grammar and overall flow for a 3500 word story. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated. This will probably go in either erotic horror or non-human category and involves lesbian sex, anal and non-consent. The story involves a lesbian werewolf, a female vampire and a strap-on while they are both working at a Carnival Fun House. I'm not in a rush, so getting it back in a week or so would be great. I can send the document in Word or as a .txt

Why a Story Might be Rejected for Submission by the Site Editors
Please see KillerMuffin's Post on What to do when your story is rejected for more details and the other stickys located at the top of this forum provide a wealth of information.
  • Is the story over 750 words?
  • Was everything spelled correctly?
  • Were there any serious errors in punctuation or formatting (i.e. submitted in all capital letters, capitalization errors, etc.)?
  • Was there an underage (under 18 years old) sexual relationship in the story?
  • Were there bestiality references or acts in the story?
  • Was there excessive violence, snuff, or abuse of characters in the story?
  • Were there URL links, site addresses, or other advertisements within the story?
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