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Male Master looking for his female slave

Hello my little toy,

I am a 34 year old male master, I am very patient, strict, firm, fair, sadistic, caring, intelligent and serious about D/s dynamic.

I am looking for a female slave to own and train long term. Interested slaves must meet the following requirements:
  • * You must be female and 18\+
  • * Body type \(Average, Athletic, Thin\)
  • * I am wanting a long\-term
  • * You need to have an open mind
  • * A camera is needed(you don't have to show your face if you don't want to)
  • * We will communicate via messenger (kik & skype)
  • * I am expecting honesty


- Naturally submissive

This is something that has been of more interest to me of late. This is someone who wants to be controlled through fear. Yes, that order I just gave you might send you into a panic. But you’ll do it, because you know the punishment will be worse. Of a similar vein to this is slaves who want to be “dumbed down” or “reduced” to a lesser state of being. Turned into an animal, bimbo, doll or object.

Two things to understand if you are interested in this persona. You are not here for my approval or my care. You are here to take abuse for my amusement. It’s a hard, miserable, unfair life. It shits me that people approach me saying they’re inferior and want hard constant use and then bitch out. Consider carefully how serious you are about this.


I am patient and understanding when circumstances are beyond your control, especially family, work and school. I am very strict though if you misbehave you will be punished with dislikes to train you up. I accept slaves or submissives with any experience level and beginners are welcome. Unlike others 'doms' on here I have had real experience for many years and about 5 years online experience. I also know kink is not 24/7 no matter how much you want it to be as you still have to have a normal life.

I let a submissive get to know me, make it more comfortable and trusting d/s relationship for them \(trust makes it awesome and far more of a turn on\). I will always be upfront and honest. I have no desire for blackmail or to hurt you reputation etc I can't stand fake doms taking advantage of subs and ruining their experience \(espically newbies\) to get their rocks off, being a mature dom I know people like myself have careers, friends and reputations.

Even if I treat you like a depraved slave slut you want to be I will still respect you are a person at a base level. That's the difference. As you are a lost little girl. Alone and unloved, with no one to guide you, to show you who you are. You are a broken, fucked up little girl. But I am not here to fix you... I will want you so broken, so obsessed and addicted that you beg to be marked as my property.

I'm here for the broken, the lost, the ruined little girls. The girls with Daddy issues they'll never get over. I'm not interested in the good girls, the normal ones. I want the ones who are ready to accept how broken they are. It will not be play. I'm not here for a one time thing\-\- I'm looking for a girl to own

I enjoy control, giving rules and tasks. I will to take control of a lot of you. I am not flexible on what I control and I do require full control of orgasms and masturbation.

My main interests are:
  • * Orgasm Control
  • * Rules
  • * Hidden public
  • * Bondage
  • * Humiliation
  • * Degradation
  • * Ownership
  • * TPE
  • * Low\-Med Pain
  • * Pet play
  • * Anal
  • * Piss play
  • * Semi\-public
  • * Outdoors

If you are interested pm me and we can take things from there. Feel free to tell me a bit about yourself and what you really need and want. Communication will be done through kik and skype.
Not Looking. Not Active. Do Not Contact. Had Enough Of This.
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