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nice story

I did post a comment at the story site but since your posting alerted me to it, I'm also putting one in here. I liked the story because it had just the right amount of set-up and an original (to me, at least) idea/theme. I'm also admiring your ability to maintain interest on this site without it being erotic. Too rarely do stories here plumb the depths of relationships rather than get right into the sex. Anyway, good job.
"All art is quite useless." --Oscar Wilde
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Part three of my little autobiography is up
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I've got two different stories that interconnect. Both are the start if a series and will both be continued. They both star 18 year old high schoolers who have developed powers; one can shapeshift and the other can turn invisible. Neither one can affect their clothes. For now anyway.


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New Story- The Doc



My third story is now up.

If you've ever suffered some pretty painful marriage guidance sessions this may cheer you up. Just don't go expecting it to be actually like THIS.

As always, feedback welcome.


The Loafer
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Two friends wake up naked next to each other and in trying to process the guilt over cheating on their respective partners, get a bit carried away.

This is a relatively short one and it only took me one afternoon (plus some editing) to put together. My aim however was to write a story where the two main protagonists have already slept with each other before it starts and see if I could still make it engaging.

I think I went a bit too overly pornographic in the second half but the first part is good at least.
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New story in my 'Dress Off' series

Hi everyone,

For anyone who was interested in my Dress Off series, my apologies for the six month delay in publishing the fifth story. Life intervened, but life has also now decided to calm down, thankfully.

The fifth story see Tess and Bree enter the Arena of Embarrassment, on a mission to win encryption keys for something called 'the Helsinki Archives'. Tess and Bree have some serious competition though, and the stakes have never been higher for the our secret agent heroines.


Trying to make up for the massive delay between the fourth and fifth stories, I'll be looking to publish Dress Off 6 in early September, and Dress Off 7 in late September.

Any constructive feedback is always welcome,

Thanks in advance,

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