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Call Girl Claire

Anyone looking for a Halloween contest idea is welcome to use this.

After finishing high school, Claire becomes a high priced call girl. For the few people who know what she does for a living, she insists that she’s only in it for the money, which, for a gorgeous young woman like Claire, is very good. Her clients are all older men with large bank accounts who are willing to pay top dollar to have sex with her. But the truth of the matter is that Claire does it for the thrill and excitement. She gets off on the adrenaline of meeting up and having sex with men old enough to be her father. The money is only an added bonus.

At 24 years old, Claire finally gives up “the life” to settle down with her high school sweetheart, Tom, who grudgingly accepts Claire’s history. Claire gets pregnant and gives birth to a healthy baby boy named Tommy Jr. For the next several years, things go somewhat smoothly, but over time, Claire’s husband becomes more and more troubled by Claire’s past. Things that set him off are when Claire is approached in public places by past clients who recognize her and want to say “hello”. Some of whom want to give her their business card and ask that she call them if she ever decides to get back in “the business”.

When Tom Jr. is in his teens, his parents finally divorce citing irreconcilable differences and work out a split custody deal. Claire is hurt, but she can understand Tom’s reasons.

Flash forward a few more years. Tom Jr. has graduated high school and gone on to college. Feeling lonely, Claire starts to reminisce about her days as a call girl.Although now in her forties, she has taken great care of her body all her life, and she still looks incredible. On a whim, she contacts her old boss, who is still running the business, and discusses what it would take to get back into the life. Her boss explains that the men whom she used to get as clients, older, rich men, wouldn’t be interested in someone her age. They were mostly looking for much younger women. But, there was now a group of young clients, men in their early twenties, who were looking for an experience with a sexy mature woman. He called it the “cougar effect”. Therefore, if Claire was interested in having a much younger clientele, she could begin working immediately.

After some soul searching, Claire decides to give it a try. One of her first jobs turns out to be a Halloween frat party. Now from this point, I see the story going in one of two possible directions.

Claire is instructed to wear a super sexy dominatrix costume and be ready to put the new pledges through “their paces”. She is told that the upperclassmen will fill her in on everything that is expected of her when she shows up.

Claire shows up at the address wearing her costume underneath a long overcoat, and a fancy mask that hides her face. She meets up with the upperclassmen who tell her what they want her to do. Her task is to have them strip down and humiliate them. She is given paddles, whips, clamps, dildos, ropes and ball gags among other toys and told to do whatever she wants, just do no harm.

She is led into a room where the pledges are all kneeling in their underwear and blindfolded, and that is when she recognizes that one of the pledges is her own son. Now she must do her job without anyone, especially her son, finding out who she is. How does Claire handle the situation? Does she treat her son the same way she treats the others, or does she give him special treatment?

If you don't like the dominatrix aspect, you could go with a much more straightforward approach. Claire is brought in to be the prize for the pledge who performs the best in some kind of competition. She would still have to be wearing a mask to hide her face of course. Imagine Claire sitting back watching these activities going on in front of her and hoping that her son doesn't win. Perhaps the competition could be played out in sort of a reverse "strip-poker" style where the winner of each individual game loses one piece of clothing instead of the loser. That way, the person who is naked first gets to take Claire in the back room and have his way with her. Claire would have to watch as her son strips down one piece of clothing at a time. When he ultimately wins, she realizes that she's more turned on than she's ever been.

I’m thinking the whole story can be told from the perspective of the forty something-year-old Claire who is having flashbacks of her former life as she prepares for her evening with the frat boys before she finds out her son is one of the pledges.
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She could get around some of this just by keeping all of the young men blindfolded. She could hand toys to some of the guys, put their hand on another guy's butt, and whisper to one she's going to work his ass with a dildo while whispering to the other that he's to work "her" ass with a dildo. (Then have half the guys doing the other half, which I will bet would pass as acceptable in a frat situation!)
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