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Man responds to MW4M ad on Craigslist. The couple turn out to be mom and former bully

Mid twenties man is browsing the MW4M section on Craigslist in his studio apartment. He sees an ad for a couple needing a place for an affair. Clicking on the ad, he sees a picture from behind of a middle aged woman on her knees, displaying her ass and luscious pussy. If a bikini bottom were covering the pale tan line and forming a camel toe he might have recognized the generous and tanned buttocks from days at the beach in his privileged youth, but his dick perked up before he could summon the image. The next picture is of a naked blond man from behind with tanned and muscled shoulders and back as he plows a woman on a bed, her tanned legs wrapped above his white buttocks along the waist. Somewhat to the young man's frustration the stud's golden haired ballsack is too big for him to see anything more. "MILF and young stud need a room for an affair. In return, you can watch, and possibly more " He begins writing an email with his address and a picture of his cock and brown bush as he continues to stroke. For good measure he turns around and takes a picture of his ass. He wonders if he should photoshop the pimples off his buttocks but decides he can't wait anymore as he hits send.

The woman is going through the numerous messages in her inbox when she recognizes her son's apartment address in one of the subject lines. She clicks and wrinkles her nose in disgust at the picture, but feels compelled to call her young lover and tell him about it. "We have to go," he says. "What?" "You heard me. It'll be the hottest thing ever." "Oh my God."

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I thought MW4M meant Married Woman for a Man.
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I hope this one gains traction.... I wanna read more!!
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