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Empty Nest

A couple's daughter moves on to school out of state leaving her parents the house to themselves. The daughter also leaves behind her childhood friend an uncomfortably shy member of the boys high school swim team. He's a year younger than her. The daughter and he had a very close, relaxed and comfortable relationship. She would give him a hand with his obvious erections but never asked him to return the favor.

The wife's heart was broken in high school when a crush moved away. The object of her crush was also a member of the girls volleyball team. The wife was the favorite go to girl for favors for other girls on the team, including the crush. But the crush never thought of their relationship as anything special. The wife was always open about her bisexuality before and into her marriage.

The relationship between the father and the young neighbor man develops into a friendship in the daughter's absence. The husband and wife decide to go hairless like their swimmer neighbor. They enjoy it, but the husband decides including the neighbor would be a thrill for the wife. The husband arranges for the neighbor to walk in on them, cock first, when he and the wife are getting it on. The wife enjoys it but the husband can't keep his hands of the guy's dick!

A mmf threesome develops and the neighbor's divorced mother gets suspicious. She feigns a friendship with the wife. They get to know one another allowing his mother to know when she catch them all in the act. And she does, the moment her son cums in her neighbor! Seeing her son's cum leaking out of her neighbor's pussy is too much for her and she joins in all the fun, focusing on her neighbor's waxed pussy.

I'm not a writer by any means but I'm sure someone make this into a great story.
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Not a bad idea, but more complicated than necessary. You could merely have an empty-nest middle-aged couple, rediscovering their sexuality and love for each other with their new-found sense of privacy in their own home. It could be a tender, loving tribute to long-term couple-hood. Not from me, of course, but from an author with some sensitivity!
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I hate to disagree with Carney, but I like the more complex version. In fact my first reaction was "and then, the daughter comes home for Thanksgiving..."

I'd read it, no time to write it.
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The daughter would have to bring someone home for the holiday.
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