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English Speaking Residents of Germany?

I apologize for not speaking your language. I'm very interested in exhibitionism and public nudity. I much prefer partial nudity, like that frivolousdress-order(?) site. What are the laws relating to public nudity in Germany? Do local laws vary? I generally encourage my partners, women, to dress very provocatively. Living in NYC is probably better than any other US city in terms of freedom of dress, but from what I can tell nothing like Germany. If we visited, what cities/towns would you recommend? I'm guessing it would be the same places we would want to visit for the culture, arts, etc.?
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#Public nudity in Germany

No, the laws don't vary but it's not so easy nonetheless. When you're in your garden and no one can see you (because of a big fence, probably) it is okay.

It's a different case if you wanna go hiking or for a walk (naked). You can do that in an unpopulated area as well as in the center of a city. Technical it's not forbidden or illegal. It all depends if OTHER people take offense of it. When you're in the middle of a forest, you might not even have to pay a fine and just get a warning.

If somebody takes offense, because you do it in the city and calls the police, you probably have to pay a fine and get "banned" from that area. But no one would arrest you or something...

I can't recommend any places because I'm not into that stuff, sorry. But there are a lot of beaches in the north (east) of germany where fans of "FKK" go. Basically those are beaches like everywhere else accept everyone's naked there, lol.

Summary: public nudity is not illegal, as long no one else is taken offense of it. The worst you have to fear is a warning, getting banned from that area, and worst case scenario you have to pay a fine.
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