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Red face How do you invite others to play with my husband and I?

So here goes.... My husband and I both want to explore our sexuality by inviting others into our sexual play. We want to try both WWM and MWM. How should we go about finding willing partners for this?
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Originally Posted by fluffygirl88 View Post
So here goes.... My husband and I both want to explore our sexuality by inviting others into our sexual play. We want to try both WWM and MWM. How should we go about finding willing partners for this?
I could give you my number....
58 yr old MWM, with an open mid, good heart and friendly nature. Here to interact, explore and enjoy.
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prior to CL shutting down the personals, i would say that is a good place to shop and advertise for willing partners.....with it shut down i guess you have to get more creative

when i was doing that sort of thing, i would have some parties....invite our core friends but also invite some other couples.....people i thought were "interesting" or hot.....all of our parties usually involve a pool and a hot tub and a lot of alcohol......and so it was sort of just testing the waters.....casually stumbling into some conversations about sex or about swapping or things like that.....try to gauge people's response......on more than one occasion it was easy to identify a willing participant.....whether male or female.....someone who just kind of lit up to the conversation......someone who showed more close "friendliness" than others....etc

then you just kind of follow up with them the next day or a few days later.....hey....enjoyed having you.....seemed like you had a lot of fun....you are really our kind of person.....etc.....listen for them to open the door.....hey maybe you can come over sometime and join us.....just leave it kind of dangling like that....for a few days...

but.....of course there is the risk side when you are involving your core friends.....who you probably already know whether they would or wouldn't.....but they will judge.....people judge....

another path is to just look around.....work associates.....neighbors you find hot.....etc.....discuss people with your significant other....oh yeah.....he is really hot.....or man she is so hot....etc....see if you both agree on someone.....and then feel them out...

unfortunately, short of just going to some openly declared sex party, it takes time and patience....

anyway....that's my 2 cents fwiw
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Swinglifestyle dot com

Be prepared to upload some discrete and current pictures. A profile without pictures will get almost no traffic. Peruse the site for examples of profile pictures that work well. You can keep face pictures private and only give a key to those of your choosing. Be specific about what you are looking for and honest about yourself when writing the profile. After you meet with your first couple/person, ask them to provide you with a certification. One or two certs will let others know that you are serious about meeting others.

Do not write a profile with threats and demands, things like "DO NOT contact us if you're (fill in the blank)!" or "SINGLE MALES FORGET IT! DON"T EVEN TRY!" Honestly, single males on the site are very respectful and 99% of them will not bother you unless your profile specifies an interest in single males.

You are welcome to send me a PM if you need more help.
Helping Mrs. Culmer
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Re: Threesome

You can also try AdultFriendFinder or any of the other names it goes under.

I found the couple I got to spend a few nights with on Craigslist a few years back.

My suggestion:
Meet somewhere in public for a get to know you drink.
Don't plan on heading back to have sex that day, give it a couple of days.
Discuss what you all are looking for.
Keep jealousy out of it.
Enjoy and try lots of new things.
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Check in your area for swingers clubs..
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A huge campfire after a great BBQ with all the fixings...and drinks all around. Then ask if you feel some kind of attraction. Americans are so puritan.
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Originally Posted by fluffygirl88 View Post
So here goes.... My husband and I both want to explore our sexuality by inviting others into our sexual play. We want to try both WWM and MWM. How should we go about finding willing partners for this?
I think you have found one of the better places on the internet to meet kinky, like minded people. Get to know some people around here, post about your kinks and desires and in eventuality I am pretty sure you'll meet the right people! There are many kinky and very interesting people within this wonderfully diverse community! That's just my experience, opinion, as well as observations.

Sure, you can try dating websites but I find that unless you are willing to pay money you're going to be very limited, especially in your options for communication. Here the sky is the limit and all limits are definitely challenged around here!

I too love a good MMF actually! In fact, the story of my first, An Awakening - My First MMF should be published any day now. You have me intrigued and perhaps my story will pique your interest as well. If so message me and we'll go from there. Best of luck finding the right kinky people with which to play!
My story submissions:

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New friends

My suggestion would be to use adult friend finder, fetlife or some other swinging kinda website now that cl shut down. Alternatively if theres a certain man or woman known to you both locally your both attracted too then you could always ask them directly
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A prominent saying in the community

"Don't try to make friends into swingers. But sometimes, swingers can become friends".
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finding a partner

Once you have decided - and really, really agreed - with your partner, and decided what limits (if any) you want to place on threesomes, then as others have said you can place ads on chat room boards etc but we found this of limited benefit in finding satisfactory partners.
Our best luck has been from going to a nice city hotel, one frequented by business travellers. Both men and women are away from home and some want something extra while away.
We have found that dressing nicely and sitting in a bar with an expensive bottle of wine, me showing a bit (or a bit more) cleavage and leg will attract looks. Then its easy, you smile and keep glancing at an attractive guy or woman. Sometimes they come over and we engage them with chat. Other times, if they are reticent, my husband will walk past them and just say something like 'I think my wife fancies you'. It doesn't take much encouragement.
Being in a public place means there is no risk and if our 'third' can't hold a conversation or seems boring we leave, but often we will end up going up to his hotel room and thoroughly enjoying each other.
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Originally Posted by fluffygirl88 View Post
So here goes.... My husband and I both want to explore our sexuality by inviting others into our sexual play. We want to try both WWM and MWM. How should we go about finding willing partners for this?
In addition to the other websites mentioned, you can even try out OKCupid. Low odds, but easy, free, and highly populated.

Getting another guy to come along is going to be easy, probably absurdly easy, so you can afford to be a little picky with those.

Getting a bi woman is going to be harder. It's sometimes called unicorn hunting and that's for a good reason. If you and your husband are cool with you heading into another couple's threesomes sometimes, you can increase your odds by looking for swingers. If what you want is an unattached, attractive bisexual woman to join you and your husband for a threesome and then go away when you're done...good luck.
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