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Kimberly tried every way she could think to escaped till she was exhausted. She looked back at him scared lost of ideas how to escape this room. She backed up in the corner staring at him wondering what he had in mind for her.

Kimberly didn't want to become a Mindless horror of a wife due to genetic traits. She began to cry and being in Mindless Whore to satisfy him. She shook her hand as she fell on her knees. She looked up at him:" I won't be some mindless s*** for you, I rather you kill me"
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Sebastian leaned on the post and watched her trembling, before reaching into his pants pockets and pulling out a small remote. He said, "When a person invests into the custom built human like I did, I can get all the bells and whistles that come with it, including this little device. It's a little remote that activates when the owner and his prize have been married, which is now. Would you like to know what it does?"

He looked at the device, the size of a small cell phone and pressed a few buttons. Instantly, he could see her nipples harden to the granite and a small wetness spotting at her crotch. He said, "That little button turns on the sex drive. This little button..." He pressed it and she yelped as she jumped up and spun around like something hit her as he finished, "Can simulate a leather lashing on the ass or pretty much anything else I can program into it, whether that is the taste of chocolate on your tongue, the sensation of burning, orgasms, or the sensation of being hit or punched or slapped... pretty much anything."

He took the remote and set it on the bed and said, "Go ahead. Take it. I know you want it."

He chuckled as she reached for it and the instant it touched her fingers, she screamed out in agony and dropped it... looking at the thing like hit was a poisonous asp. He said, "You can't hold or touch your own remote. It is only activated by my thumbprint and PIN." He reached over and picked it up, watching her back away, her nipples still about to pop out of her skin tight teddy.

Sebastian said, "Now I will not lie. I don't want to use this. I would rather you do this of your own free will. It is so much better for you if you surrender willingly to me versus being taken by force. Either way though... you will lose it very soon. So what is it going to be... tick tock..." He swung his dick back and forth like a pendulum on a grandfather clock...

IT may be between YOUR legs, but make no mistake IT belongs to ME!

The two favorite words that every true submissive wants to hear from their Daddy is... 'Good Girl'

You may be kneeling, naked, bound, and helpless before me right now, but I am your MAN to the very core always.
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