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A Few of My Books

My Amazon Author Page is a one-stop shop for information on my novels:

Dream Girl

A Southern Belle: Forbidden

Elle (Insatiable: Book One)

Here's the link:

Book excerpts and free stories are available at my blog:
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The one million porn links Challenge, check it out...

There is a group of guys trying to collect one million porn links by selling pixels. Its a crazy but interesting idea. You can buy pixels for US$ 1 dollar, or just enjoy... Check it out: www.onemillionpornlinks.com
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R. Richard
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I have a new story up in Amazon.

Call Me Meola is a fantasy/scifi story.
The whole thing starts out as just another senior’s bus trip job. Meola is to be the guide/hostess for a museum tour for the seniors from Green Oaks Retirement Home.
The bus driver makes a turn and there's a MetroTransit car parked across the road in front of the bus, blocking the road. The driver stops the bus.
A man gets out of the MetroTransit car and climbs on board the bus. The man has a dark, bearded face and a gun! The man who has boarded the bus snarls, “Freeze! Anyone moves and the Secretary dies!”
There's no Secretary on board the bus. The passengers are just seniors from the Green Oaks Retirement Home. The gunmen have screwed up.
The police show up and the shooting starts.
The gunmen flee, with their elderly hostages. They drive for a while, down twisting, turning side streets with no clear direction revealed. The police continue their pursuit.
Eventually the chase winds up at an abandoned school.
There are six, heavily armed gunmen and a lot of confused old hostages.
The hostages are put into two separate rooms. Each roomful of hostages is guarded by a gunman.
The situation looks desperate.
However, the shootout will be on the TV news. The gunmen obviously thought they were going to kidnap someone of importance. Since they asked for the Secretary, the whole thing is almost certainly political. With the political angle, the kidnapping will be all over the national news. Thus, all Meola has have to do is to wait for her son to arrive.
When Meola's son, Lucifer, arrives, the gunmen won't be able to see Lucifer. However, Lucifer will be able to see them.
Lucifer might be insane. Worse yet, Lucifer might be sane.

Check it out:

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Women in Lust

So Nov 8th is the official release date for the anthology, "Women in Lust", which has one of my stories in it. I'm not the editor - just an author who's excited to have one of her stories in print.

Here's a link to it on Amazon.

It's a diverse collection of short stories written by women, about ...you guessed it: lust. Mine involves the same pair of characters as this literotica story:

Soft as Glass

...when they first got together.
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The Mother of My Dreams now available on Smashwords.

Short description:

Like many guys his age, 20 year old Joel has wet dreams. He dreams of attractive women and all the things he could with them. Lately Joel has been dreaming of a stunning older woman. Every night he lies there envisioning big blue eyes, blonde hair, and long tan legs. When he wakes up Joel is horny, but he also feels guilty. After all, isn't it wrong to have dirty dreams about your own mother?

Buy it here:

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R. Richard
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Amazon: Call Me Meola
R. Richard - 03 Nov 2011

Terrorists accidentally kidnap Meola and a busload of seniors, instead of the politician they were after. The terrorists then run from the police. The terrorists, under pursuit, hole up on an abandoned school building. The terrorists have hostages, but then they have to deal with Meola's son. You can't see Lucifer, but he can see you!

A science fiction/fantasy adventure in multi-dimensions, with terrorists. hostages, a witch and death!

Check it out! Call Me Meola

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I have my first book up in the Amazon Kindle store. (You don't have to have a Kindle to read it, you can download a free reader for your computer.) You can read most of the first story right online in the "Look Inside" feature at Amazon.

Short and Sweet: Erotic Romances for Women

Welcome to Short and Sweet: Erotic Romances for Women - ten erotically charged short stories written especially with women in mind.

Rough and Tumble Heart - He finally shows up on her doorstep and he's no longer married.
The Morning Glory Tattoo - A cancer survivor gets a healing massage.
Big, Gentle Hands - His hands were so big, and yet, so gentle.
Cooking Lessons - She teaches him to cook, and it gets hot in the kitchen.
Long Time Coming - It's been a long time coming, but it hit in a flash.
Water + Heat = Steam - On a dark and stormy night, he comes to her.
Love at First Sight - A pair of broken glasses leads to romance.
Not Exactly Strangers - Online friends meet and the chemistry shocks them both.
Soft Comfort - Jay discovers the sweet, soft comfort of a big girl.
Modern Aphrodite - She follows one man to California, but discovers herself.

These stories were previously published online [at Literotica] and now have added material.

Warning: Contains sexually explicit material.
Playgrounder #426
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R. Richard
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Amazon: Ghost's Embrace

A lady is fleeing from her demented ex-husband.
Her car is on its last legs when she arrives in Oak Dell.
There's no place to stay in Oak Dell, unless you count the haunted house.
The lady, with no real choice, moves into the hunted house. She finds that there's a ghost in the house. The ghost makes the lady give him what it turns out that she wants to give him.
The lady discovers, “I’m not afraid of an old ghost!”

An erotic ghost story, with a happy ending!

Check it out! Ghost's Embrace

Last edited by R. Richard : 11-18-2011 at 12:50 PM.
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Will try anything once ;)
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Star Search - All Romance Ebooks

My first ever official release, published by Naughty Nights Press



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Will write for chocolate!
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Just in time for Thanksgiving!

No longer available for sale

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The Collection

The Collection is now available as an e-book from Q-Press Publishing.

When Mark Peterson meets a woman who captures his interest, he wants to photograph her. He wants to capture the sparkle in her eyes, the blush in her cheeks as her inhibitions fall away. Yet none of them ever want to stay with him, and so he is forced to do the only thing he can to keep them with him.

It's available at Yellow Slk Dreams and at Amazon.

“Come on, you can raise it higher.” Mark stood and walked over to the dresser, where he’d laid out his lenses and rolls of film.

Chloe laughed. “Any higher and it’ll be indecent.”

“There’s nothing indecent about you. It’s just us, Chloe. I told you.”

“I know, I’ve just never done anything like this before. I was in college before I got to the point of not hiding when someone took a picture.” She blushed a little and looked away. She would be thirty next month and she still felt uncomfortable having her picture taken.

“That’s crazy.” He unscrewed one lens, studied the selection, and chose another. “You could be a model.” He rewound the film, opened the camera and took it out, then inserted up a fresh roll and threaded it around the spool.

“Oh, hardly.” She laughed. “Thanks, but no, I’m a little too short and a lot not thin enough. You’re sweet to say so, though.”

“I’m not sweet, I’m honest.” He went over to her on the bed, took her hand and brushed his lips over her palm, enjoying the flush on her cheeks and the squirm of her body as he did.

Mark stood back and checked the settings on his camera. “Go on, Chloe. Raise it a little higher.”
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R. Richard
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Give Terrorism A Chance

Amazon: Give Terrorism A Chance

The government has captured alleged terrorists, who claim that they are a part of the Holy Army.
The terrorists have a trail, of sorts.
The terrorists claim that they will conquer the country and the Holy Army will then rule.
The Judge then gives the captured men the chance to do exactly that, more or less.
The captured men then learn to be careful of what they wish for.

Fiction, but a real solution to a terrorist problem.

Check it out! Give Terrorism A Chance

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wow, the most exciting here: http://www.100yeartrade.com/goods_aWQJMzQ0OQ==.html
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English Lady
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Tempting Rendezvous my first Print Novel is now available from Xcite via Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk

Curvy single mum Leanna is waiting for a man, not just any man.He has to be handsome, intelligent, funny and dominant. Enter Joe, he's a masterful business man who brooks no nonsense and who punishes Leanna in just the way she needs, just the way she likes. He appreciates her curves and uses every excuse to get his hands on them!

Passion sparks between the couple, Naughty liaisons and public games all play to their deepest desires but can their love blossom? Will Joe give up his workaholic lifestyle and Can Leanna learn to trust another person with the most important thing in her life-her child?

It may sound a bit familiar to some of you as it started off as Naughty Rendezvous that I wrote for literotica many moons ago. I Wrote a trilogy of Novellas (2 of which are currently available as ebooks too, Naughty Rendezvous and Seductive Rendezvous) and Xcite put them together for me in one print novel which I had fun signing over the weekend at their stall at Erotica!

I Rumply
Christian Readers and Writers Thread
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Pouting: never gets old.
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She Needs A Montage, my Lit contest winner, is now available as a fully edited and extended ebook, under a new title:

Smashwords (free): http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/108012
All Romance Ebooks (free): https://www.allromanceebooks.com/pro...44700-144.html
Amazon US: http://www.amazon.com/Beautiful-Mess...2134606&sr=8-1
Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Beautiful-Me...2134554&sr=8-1


The ebook also contains a sample of my upcoming erotic novel.
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My first self published e-book

After the clusterfucks that were my last published works with an e-publisher, I decided to go the self publishing route.

I took a bunch of my stories from Lit, polished them a little, put them together in an anthology, uploaded them to Smashwords and I now have a new e-book on the market. It's entitled Quick Pieces of Kinky Smut. It will be available on Kindle soon.

My wife made a wonderful cover for it.


She helped a lot with the navigation of the various websites as well. Thank you, my love.

I'm very pleased with myself.
The truth may be out there, but the lies are in your head. - Terry Pratchett

Rob is deep, thoughtful and so very empathetic. He too can take the load of a bad day off. - Colleen Thomas. I treasure these words even more now. Goodbye Colleen.

Place you can find me on the Web Romantic Heretic R. C. Graham on Facebook

Now for sale:

Dominant Desires: Ropes and Roses

On the Far Side of Darkness


Free! Discovery

My stuff

My Colleen Thomas memorial piece. I Can't Have Her
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Hi guys

I'm new to the forum so please forgive me using my first post for a bit of shameless self promotion but I just wanted to make a noise about my new collection of short stories. I’ve had two erotic novels published in the past but this is my first collection of stories.

I’ve been preparing this book for a long time and I’m thrilled that it’s finally available as an e-book from Amazon.


An outstanding new collection of stories from the author of WORDS MADE FLESH and THE CHAIN. Thom Wolf has long been one of the most compelling and forceful writers of homoerotic fiction; here he unleashes ten irresistible new tales to keep you up at night.

In White Sheets, Henry has almost given up on sex, until he encounters Josh, a stunning ex-army boy who reawakens his dormant passion. A middle aged couple’s quiet world is changed forever by Jared, The Boy in the Middle. Sexual tension, violence and murder lie at the heart of The Dark Room.

Ranging from first time encounters to meaningful relationships, public exhibitionism to late night intimacy; the new book by Thom Wolf is an arousing collection for those who glory in the joy of gay erotica and a sweaty celebration of sex between men.

Amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/Bedtime-Storie...2326234&sr=8-6

Amazon.co.uk http://www.amazon.co.uk/Bedtime-Stor...2326409&sr=8-1

Check out my blog page for further information and exclusive free story downloads.

Sorry again for using my first post to self promote. I've only just discovered this site and can't wait to read through the threads and hopefully make some new writing buddies.

Blog, free story downloads, interviews and information about my books
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.-- - ..-.
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So many over at Smashwords since my last post here...

Will She or Won't She
I Married a Slut
My Mom
Reluctant Lovers
Wives and the Men They Love II
~Slut~ 2

All except My Mom are available at Amazon on the Kindle.
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When We Were Married - what's happening

1:20 a.m. - Dec. 17, 2011

At this moment I have to admit to being shell shocked. After I posted "A Miracle For Marcy" I hoped for a response, but I was caught in a tidal wave. I had at least 600 emails within 12 hours. So it seems that there is some interest in the followup to When We Were Married. Some of you have already seen the following information, but I thought I'd post it again along with links to the publishing site and my new Facebook site which will have all the information and updates on what I'm doing.

The short version is that I've spent a few months rewriting and cleaning up When We Were Married and posted/published the first half of the book under the title of "Volume One: The Long Fall," about 220,000 words through the end of Chapter 5A, the Granny Killer chapter, This is the edited and cleaned version. I went though and cleaned up contradictions and tried to get as many mistakes as I could find, added new material abouit Bill becoming the Angel of Death, Bill's first meeting with Philippe Archambault through Debbie's eyes, and I moved Bill and Debbie's backstory. up to the Angel of 'Death chapter where I thought it worked better. That posted on October 19.

The second Volume, 160,000 word "Second Acts", will hopefully post before the end of this year. I hope! It includes all through 6D and includes two new chapters 7A and 7B. There's more interaction between Bill and Debbie, we finally see Bill and Myra begin their relationship, and there are developments that set the stage for the third volume, "The Wind Is Rising," and the fourth volume, "Nobody Gets Out Alive." I really think readers who've stayed with it will enjoy these as much or more than the first two books. There's more action, there's violence, danger, a few new characters and at least as much personal drama. Bill and Debbie are both trying to make new lives apart from each other. And, of course, there's more sex.

"The Long Fall" now, and hopefully "Second Acts," soon will be available for purchase and download as e-novels from Barnes and Noble for $9.95 per volume. I'm in the process of putting them out through Smashwords so hopefully both volumes will be available on other sites, I'm setting up a website right now because I've had emails from readers in Canada, Australia, England, France, China and Africa who can't buy from Barnes and Noble. I'll sell the novel as a word document with the same text and cover art through the web site. And if I can get on LULU, a print on demand publisher, hard copies of the novels will be available anywhere in the world.

I probably won't be able to finish the third volume, "The Wind Is Rising," until the Spring, but I'm pushing to finish it as soon as humanly possible.

For those who want to keep up with what I'm doing and writing, and I will be posting new stories on LIT, I've set up a page on Facebook and I'll be including a link for readers and I hope a lot of you will take the opportunity to become friends.

Finally, I'll include her a link to Barnes and Noble so anyone who wants to buy or checkout either volume and go straight to it.

Lastly, I've said this before, but I am in debt to all of the readers and writers on LIT. I have been amazed and overwhelmed by response to my first story and everything that's followed. I know I've been very bad about responding to your kind and encouraging emails. In some cases I never even saw them because I couldn't get my head up from deadlines directly in front of me and I'm now reading some emails from last year. I've been honored by your loyalty and affection for my work. I will, as I once said, finish WWWM and there are plenty more stories about NE Florida to be told if I live long enough.

Thank you, everyone.


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Wanted to add new website address

I just wanted to bring to readers' attention that I'm in the process of putting up a new website. I'll put the link below. It's going tohave information about current and future writing projects, include a blog for my personal take, as well as that of readers, on what I'm writing and why. And it will include a forum similiar to LIT where any readers who want to can post comments or thoughts about me, my writing, or anything in general.

The website should be up and running by tomorrow (Sunday, December 18). The email address is:

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R. Richard
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Once A London Girl

R. Richard - 15 Dec 2011

The London area of Whitechapel in 1888 was the area where Jack the Ripper operated!
Jill is your basic average high school senior girl, living in the town of Oakwood. Well Jill does have these nightmares.
Jeremy is your basic average high school senior boy, living in the town of Oakwood. Well, Jeremy is Oakwood's resident high school chemistry genius.
Jeremy wants to date Jill.
Jill doesn't want to date anyone, basically because of her nightmares.
Jeremy then finds out that Jill dreams that she lived a previous life in the London of 1888 and in an area of London called Whitechapel. Jill was almost murdered back then. Whoever tried to kill her then is still searching for her, in her nightmares. What if Jack the Ripper wasn't just a man, but some sort of spirit or ghost or whatever? What if Jack the Ripper can cross over into Jill's modern world and kill her?
Two young American kids are face with Jack The Ripper.

Check it out! Once A London Girl
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More news on the publishing front

Dec. 21


Couple of new developments so I thought I'd post them here.

I'm still working to spread the range of WWWM and inadvertently published it on Smashwords before I intended to. I had one reader who had real problems reading the book on IPAD or other apple products from Barnes and Noble and purchased a Smashwords copy (not sure which one one) and said that one worked perfectly. I've looked at the book as it appears in HTML and it's readable, but there is a problem with copy on the right margin. On JAVA download I couldn't see any problems, but I didn't read every page.

AS you might be aware, Smashwords supplies ebooks to virtually everyone. And it provides a 150 page free sample so if anyone knows somebody that hasn't read WWWM, this would be a good opporunity. To make it more enticing, there's a coupon option on smashbooks, so I signed up for it. THIS MEANS YOU CAN BUY A $9.95 BOOK FOR $8.96, or 10 percent off. THE COOUPON CODE IS -SU32X - so if and when you sign up to buy the book, enter that code to get the discount.

Finally, I've had my heart set on getting Volume 2 out by, Christmas and I probably won't do that becuase it may take a day or two to get Smashwords to post it, but I'm going to shoot to get it out before the New Year.

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.-- - ..-.
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Several more published over at Smashwords and Kindle Direct.

The Pact
The Movie
The Teacher

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Will write for chocolate!
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I dang near forgot this so it's rather last minute!

Posting at 6pm (Eastern) tonight on the STUFF YOUR STOCKING BLOGFEST. Giving away a freebie too! I hope you can stop by! http://wcguest.********.com/2011/12/...t-vivian.html/

Last edited by michchick98 : 12-26-2011 at 08:28 PM.
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Yap, Yap

Launched on 25 December 2011, an e-novel by Shabbu (coauthor pen name of Sabb and sr71plt/habu), Yap, Yap.

This novel combines Sabb’s experience as a international dog show judge and breeder and sr71plt’s experiences in Bangkok. A tamer version of this will be released by Cyberworld Publishing as Amnad's Bequest, by Stephen Kessel (also a coauthor pen name of Sabb and sr71plt/habu).


Rough and ready tapioca plantation manager Duggan has always preferred young blond twinks who he can overpower and control. But when he arrives in Thailand to manage an upcountry plantation, with periodic visits to the male brothels of Bangkok, he learns that he likes even better small, submissive, boyish Thai men who he can overpower and control. On a visit to Washington, D.C., to document his company’s plantation operations, Duggan falls under the spell of a sexually refined Thai, Amnad, who he first encounters in a men’s club sauna. Duggan discovers his Bangkok hotel is nearly next door to architect, opera set designer, and minor royal, Amnad’s canal-side Thai-style compound.

After overcoming the competition from Amnad’s U.S. Army black major lover, Duggan moves into Amnad’s compound and his bed, where he finds that the casual sexual environment he finds with Amnad extends to the willing servants. The one impediment to Duggan having found paradise on earth is that Amnad raises a pack of small, yappy Chinese crested dogs that he’s having trained for dog shows. The dogs drive Duggan to distraction, and when he unexpectedly comes into full possession of them, he seeks to find them new homes after having fulfilled Amnad’s dream of taking one or more of them to the winners’ circle at an international dog show.

Young Australian plastics manufacturer and dog show judge, Jason Fielding, appears in Bangkok to both make a business deal with Duggan’s company and to judge an international dog show. Although both men are coming off painfully broken relationships, when they meet they have an immediate attraction to each other. The chance they will ever find each other sexually, though, is seriously challenged by misunderstandings and the sexual maze of attempted bribery by a gaggle of grasping pedigree dog owners hoping to influence Jason’s dog judging decisions.


I had planned to overpower my Thai prize when we got to my room—to take him swiftly and fully—and perhaps roughly, although I must admit that I had found the serenity and grace he had shown on the gym floor disconcerting. I found myself wondering how I should approach it. That was a new sensation for me. I usually just assumed that the other guy wanted it as fast and powerful as I could give it. Not being sure here threw me off my stride, and I found that it wasn’t me who was taking the lead.

He requested that we shower first, and he asked this with a shy but assertive smile and so calmly that I had assented before I really thought about it. I was already under his spell. This was not how I usually acted in these situations. I was always in control and driving to the fulfillment of my desires and needs, assuming that meeting my own needs would be good enough to get the other guy off happily too.

His ministrations in soaping me up in the shower nearly drove me mad, and although I attempted, there in the shower, to take him, he deftly fended me off. He did so with such ease and without my taking umbrage at his ability to have his hands everywhere at once on my body without me being able to maintain a grip on him that I finally just gave in and let him have his way.

His way entailed kneeling between my legs as the water of the shower cascaded over us and making slow and total love to my cock. Deep throating me, as I imagined no man could do, and making me come down his throat, leaving my knees wobbly and my muscles too drained to take control away from him.

After toweling us both off, he led me to the bed and gently pushed me down on my stomach, full length on the bed. Then he began to massage my body. Sexually, he was driving me wild, and I resolved from minute to minute to gather my strength and assert myself and to take him forcefully and completely as was my custom. But the massage was taking me to heights of pleasure I never had reached before. His fingers were magic on my muscles. He must have been professionally trained for this. And his fingers, which I had remarked earlier as being long and slender and expressive, were surprisingly strong.

By the time he quietly asked me to turn onto my back, I was putty in his hands. He gently but fully made love to me, joining with me so that we were working as one—but gently and with a deep sensuality and slow mounting of new levels of pleasure. I had no idea that sex could be like this. It was completely alien to how I merged with a man. And it was totally fulfilling.

After I turned onto my back, he crouched beside me on the bed, stroking my cock with one hand and massaging my chest and belly with the other. I looked into his face, watching his smile. His mouth slowly opened, and I was flabbergasted to see that he held a condom ring in his mouth. His eyes were twinkling and I heard him hum—and answered with a moan—as his mouth descended on my hard cock and he dexterously crowned my cock and smoothed the condom down the shaft just with the talent of his tongue and teeth.

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