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"I Just Want To Slap Someone" Days

Right now, I could do with slapping someone. Just a good, hard slap across their face, hard enough to make the cheek pink. If they thank me afterwards, so much the better.

-Sigh- I have something of a sadistic streak, and I've been far too long without a sub to take it out on, someone who appreciates such tender ministrations. Every so often I go through days where I feel I just need that sort of physicality. It's driving me a little nuts.
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A man I was with a few days ago was like that, we had started to make out but he stopped and told me he was in 'such a mood' that he wouldn't be able to carry on without being sadistic. But I was horny enough to not care, so I let him slap me and abuse me while we had sex.
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You know, I hadn't really considered it until now but the masochists *face palm* could actually be a kinky sort of quickie, couldn't it?
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There are other cheeks I prefer to slap

(And do other things to.)
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You should get one of the practice dummies and slap to your heart's content.

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