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Looking for articulate female RP partners

hello Im Max, 40 something from UK.
I have been rp'ing on line here for a while, but recently 'discovered' the forum and rp via messages. I would like to find a one or two rp partners who like to create slow build, realistic stories.

I have a few ideas and it would be great to discuss them and build the plot and characters out in detail and then play out the story. I like age difference, family, seduction and sometimes taking control.
Some ideas..

1) I am a family friend, you are the late teen/20 something daughter. We get on well, share same sense of humor etc..Recently, we have started spending more time together, the connection between us has grown/changed a little. I would like to seduce you and turn you in to my submissive...small steps, starting with compliments, praise...
Perhaps side side is that I did the same to your mum many years ago, she sees this happening...how does she react? Supportive, interested, jealous..?

2) you are my gf, a few years older than me in your early mid 20's. I am less experienced sexually, but you have seen to change that. You introduced me to roleplay, and you especially love playing as my mum.
You know I am attracted to my mum, how can I not be, she is a beautiful woman. One thing you like to do to tease me, is offer my foot rub services to her..you can see me love/hate it...I love rubbing her beautiful feet but hate how turned on it makes me and cant wait for you to give me release later in the evening...
Perhaps over time you decide to take things further, dressing up in her clothes...or working ways to bring us all together.

3) You are the best friend of my daughter. You are a flirt and love the attention. A simple story of us flirting, coming together...perhaps my wife or daughter are passed out in the same room as we tease and get closer together. The thought of you having your friends dad as she sleeps close by is a turn on. Maybe the other person awakes..

Well, there are some ideas, always open to others or to build / change to suit tastes...if you are interested please private message me..

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max i'd love to roleplay with you.
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Your first scenario listed seems right up my alley- age difference seduction seems really interesting
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Old 08-04-2018, 11:15 PM   #4
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Max your 3rd plot holds lots of potential. Id love to give it a try
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*raises hand*
1 or 3, please
Teach me
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Some of this is interesting to me. Message me if you'd like.
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