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Game wanted!

Hi everyone!

I'm back on Lit after about a year away and can't get into my old username (hence the virgin status), and I'm looking for a game. I do best with established worlds or systems, but I can swing freeform if the game is right. Things I'd be interested in playing:

Dresden Files
Shadowrun (New edition is out in pdf!)
Any other form of gothic or cyberpunk roleplaying

I'm also waaay into mythology and fairie tales.

I'd be willing to run a game if there's any interest, but only in Shadowrun. It would be a street level game in Seattle, Hong Kong, or New York, depending on player preference, a mix of cyberpunk elements and two-fisted skullduggery. Basically, Shadowrun by the numbers. I can disseminate the new rules for people who want to play but don't have them.

I love RPing and am totally comfortable with most situations, pairings, fetishes, taboos, etc. I'm story-driven as much as action or "action," and I check my threads and emails regularly. PM me if anyone needs a player, or is interested in playing an SR5 game. I'll reply even if I'm not feeling whatever is being proposed, just so no one is left hanging. Happy RPing!

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Writers are invited to try and catch Carmen Sandiego!


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Casting is now open for Earth 3

Playgrounder #136 and proud of it!!!!

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Talking Ladies

Hey guys, so I am looking for a female writer. I have this idea for a new RP. I haven't fleshed it out yet, but here is the basic idea.

The setting is Earth, in what is now London. It is the year 3024. A man, who almost died in an accident, was saved, but most of his body was replaced with robotic parts. The government made a deal with the man; if he allowed them to fit him with special armor and fought for them, then once they found a way to heal him completely, back into his original human form, they would subject him to the process, free of charge.

It had already been many years since they had made that deal. The man had fought in wars, grout down drug cartels, even stopped bank robberies. The government had finally found a way to heal him completely. But before they could, they asked him to do one more thing. A thief had stolen a time machine, which are illegal. If the man brought the thief and the time machine to the government, so they could destroy it, they would heal him and they would pay him $10,000,000. Of course, he went after the thief.

But, while chasing him down, the thief went back in time, and he was brought with him. They went to the year 678. The time machine was lost somewhere in England, and both men were stranded. The thief was nowhere in sight, however. The man searched for shelter, and found a village. The villagers, thinking him a god due to his robotic armor and special "powers", treated him as best as they could.

During his stay there, however, the man fell in love with one of the ladies. Now, he was torn. Should he follow his duty, and find the time machine to return it, but in the process live without love? Or should he stay and abandon his duty?

PM me interest, I only have the skeleton right now, but I soon will figure it out.

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The more, the merrier.

So I'm not sure where to post this exactly but figured, what the hell, I can't get anyone to join if I don't at least share the idea.

In any case, I've got quite the group of excellent writers involved in a main storyline, of which they break off into smaller ones of their own and evolve their characters, yet still go along with the main one. Think of a novel with several different characters. It's fun as everyone gets to write with everyone else, at some point, if they want to (and if it's necessary for the plot or their character's intentions or what have you). In any case, while we're having a fabulous time, we're in need of other great writers who would like to join in the fun.

The "main" story goes a little something like this:

Libraries are a magical place in that they house the most magnificent, awe-inspiring tales known to man. Every story brings the reader to another time and place where a man, woman, or child can either be the hero or the villain, playing out their wildest fantasies in the safety of their own mind where no harm could ever befall them. Or maybe they’re learning about life itself, what it means to be human, hopeful that they, too, won’t make the same mistakes their fellow man had. Whatever it is they’re reading, no one notices the large book kept on the top shelf, the one with the leather spine, blemished and incomplete.

Why would they?

There’s nothing special about it.

Or is there.

A prophecy written in blood fills these tattered pages, aged by years of neglect and misuse. It foretells of a new dawn, a new day, a new age. An ancient philosopher spent the last days of his life filling its pages with his predictions. He said heaven and hell are no longer out of reach to use mortals. We need not die to be a part of the glory or ruin. All we need is a key.

A woman, a young girl, shall be the key. Through her she will unlock the doors, bringing enlightenment or damnation upon the world. It is she that shall determine the fate of the world on her eighteenth birthday during the night of the third full moon. As she celebrates another year of life, the angels shall sing in prayer and stake claim to this world. All evil will be obliterated by the light of God. But in her death, hell shall rejoice and the demons will forever live in darkness.

Who will be the one to claim the power as their own, take her life into themselves, become a God among men?

Who will protect this innocent child? Who will save her from the monsters intent on her destruction?

Time is running out. Only one week remains before her eighteenth birthday.

That's the gist of it. All sorts of characters are allowed/involved such as necromancers, demons, vampires, werewolves and humans. More could come into play, so just ask. As for time-period, think modern day (in a way) and Underworld. There's a catch. Since the supernatural came out and were found out, the world has changed. They're hunted for what they are and killed on site if found out. Many creatures went into hiding. Not all but most. Anything else you'd like to know, just ask. I don't want to share EVERYTHING as there's a LOT of information to be found if you just ask.

Oh, it is rated MA. I can't say there won't be sexual relations in it, as we have come close, but a lot of that is fade-to-black. And, yes, ALL of us are over the age of 18. Actually over 21. It's just not something everyone feels comfortable in writing.

In any case, if anything interests you, shoot me a message!

Oh, one catch, we write together on a group page on Facebook. So it would be done on FB. You DO NOT have to use your real account to write with us. You can create a fake page for it.

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I am looking for a writer to take up the role of a young man (preferably in his twenties) that is down on his luck, but a chance meeting with a young woman helps turn his life around. The catch? She's a "fallen" angel with no memory of her former life.

If anyone's interested, please let me know.


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I'm back after a bit of a long absence. If anyone is needing a male role, shoot me a private message and we can discuss your story.

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Originally Posted by TearsoftheWorld View Post
I am looking for a writer to take up the role of a young man (preferably in his twenties) that is down on his luck, but a chance meeting with a young woman helps turn his life around. The catch? She's a "fallen" angel with no memory of her former life.

If anyone's interested, please let me know.

I'm very interested in doing this. If you're interested as well, please PM me.
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Hey everyone,

As you can see Im brand new to the site, so I just wanted to put myself out there and say that Im looking for RPs to join or start up. Ive got a variety of ideas and scenes that I would like to try, but I would love to see what you are interested in as well!

Feel free to PM me at anytime, men and women welcome!

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Hi Everyone,

I’m looking to start up a D&D adventure story that is a series of vignettes. At least that is the way it wil start out. So I need a few committed partners 3 or 4 writers (each writer will play two characters at least). Please if you are not planning on sticking with the story don’t sign up. I prefer posts of multiple paragraphs of text, and please employ the use of a spell checker (I’m not perfect … but please try your best!).

Here is the basic story line. It takes place on a D&D like world with elves, goblins, humans, centaurs, dragons, etc. Your characters will be a member of an adventurers guild or associated with it somehow. Other Members of the guild (NPCs or other writer’s characters) will join your team on a series of small quests. Please don’t make your character’s too powerful at the start. As these will be pretty simple quests.

I was hoping for a very diverse group of adventurers. A really odd mixture of characters, this should generate some interesting conflicts in culture that must be overcome.

Characters needed:
1) Please think very diverse (i.e. naga, centaur, minotaur, lizardman, furries types, etc)
2) Also maybe one not so diverse … like a human or elf, dwarf, etc as the baseline characters (someone the reader can relate too)

For your characters please outline the following items …
- Basic personality (joyful, angry, anxious, curious, etc)
- Some background (family, profession, mystery, conflict, or significant past event)
- Flaw to overcome (trusting people, panic attacks, crude, pranks, love issues, hates one of the other character’s race/species/gender, etc)
I’ll provide my character write up as a guide (see Female Mage below).

There can be sex mixed into all the adventure parts … but I’m shooting for a pretty complete story. So the sex parts needs to flow with the story. Anyone interested in this thread please add a post to this OOC thread or send me a PM.


Adnil Female Mage
She was kicked out of the five elements magic school for sleeping with a senior teacher (Big scandal!)**. She was cut off by her rich parents, so she has almost no money. The guide had need for a magic user. She is applying.

Adnil has a few major character flaws … She lived a very refined life behind castle walls and guarded gates. So she doesn’t understand the lower classes. That said she is not a snob … she will just say things that common folks will find stupid and unaware. She also has almost no dealings with the other races.

She is not easily perturbed and highly controlled (great for spell casting in battle). But she is averse to fighting and will only do so to protect life or for some obvious greater good. Even when an enemy is injured, she motivated to apply healing or help, as long as doing so would not be a danger. She very open-minded, tolerant of others, empathic, and caring towards nearly everyone. Her social demeanor is courteous, and refined; however, she is reluctant to talk about herself. People around her will notice that she has an annoying habit of correcting others.

**secret: the senior teacher she slept with also “partially removed” her soul. The character will not know it … but this action has taken away her fear, and being unbalanced her desire (i.e. sexual desire) will be intensified.

Taramalar Male War Centaur:
Taramalar is a huge war centaur. He served in the centaur army until recently. A disagreement with a fellow officer caused him to "retire" from the army (give up his commission). He now seeks any work that will pay. He is a heavy drinker and LOVE women (mainly, the four legged female centaur kind).

Taramalar is a noble centaur knight. Often he fights against evil forces that prey on the weak, whether the forces are bandits harrying caravans or gnolls laying waste to farmsteads. He spends more time helping the victims of hardship than he does celebrating his successes. In the army he got into a dispute with leadership over helping people .. vice just killing them. He left and is now at the guild seeking a job.

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