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Too risky?

I am writing an erotic novel that has just taken over and is writing itself. But I am uneasy about one thread of it. The story is about a woman who is one of a group targeted by a sexual predator with a talent for spotting vulnerable women.

She is based on a person I know and she was abused as a child which has left her very confused about sex in her late teens. I am taking my guide on how far to go from the Great Stephen King when he describes such an encounter in Gerald's Game. In my book the woman describes the encounter under hypnosis and only in general terms, and by occasional cryptic flash backs.

In these hair-trigger days is it too much? I have tried to alter her motivation but it is hard to come up with a more powerful motivation for how the character deals with the predator.
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It seems your concern should be less "these hair-trigger days" and more what respect you owe to your friend. Does she know that you are mining her past for inspiration, and would she be okay with it?
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