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Hey all.
I posted this on the authors hangout, but somebody suggested that I post it here as well, so here goes.

I'm working on a rather long story (currently at 232000 words) and while the story line as such is done, some of the sex-scenes could use some help and the same goes for descriptions. English is not my native language and while I'm considered to be good at it, I'm also sure, that there are some errors in the writing, which will be glaringly obvious for an native speaker/writer.

So what I'm looking for is a strange mix of co-writer and editor.

About the story:

The basic concept is that Atlantis (Im sure youre heard of it) was real and inhabited by a human race called Atlantians. The Atlantians had mental powers and magic, but eventually their island disappeared, which in my story happens around 1200 BC.

The main character is an Atlantian, who use life force to keep himself young, drifting through the centuries, as he wanders the world to keep his eternal youth hidden. Around 180 AD he walks into a cave and uses a trance that sends him into a state of suspended animation, indented to last only for a few years, but he makes a mistake that causes the trance to last until he hears a danger.
He wakes up in June 2000 and has to adapt to the modern world, while we follow his past in flashbacks.

As this involves mind powers and an Alternate History, it might be classified as Fantasy.
However, the different chapters of the story would be Erotic Couplings, Group sex, Interracial Love, Lesbian Sex, Romance, Anal or Masturbation, depending on which of the 56 chapters were talking about.

I hope this peaked someones interest
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I'm slightly disappointed, that not even one person seemed interested. Oh well.
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I would Love to read it, I'm not an editor, but I'm trying to find this story for pleasure reading 😊😊😊
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