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I like to write, and ....

.... I'm fairly good at it. Creative. Imaginative. And articulate enough to paint pictures with words.

Are there any young ladies who would like a custom-written story involving their fantasies? You would need to sketch out the general contours of what you're thinking, and tell just a bit about yourself, but I'd take it from there and produce for you a steamy, lurid short story in which you are the main character and your fantasy is the story line. Sometimes, a thousand words can be worth more than a picture. If interested, hit me.
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Oh fuck yes!

I would love a personalized story! Itís something I would pay for. (I donít joke, there are companies out there that publish on-demand personalized romance novels, a bit akin to Mad Libs except you give personal details to fill in like names, physical attributes, etc. I have one in a box somewhere from years ago.)
Not your ordinary feline... =^.^=
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