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Infiltrator (Closed)

Kircanos looked up and adjusted the cap on his head, making sure the visor was level and the security emblem was centered. He tugged on the bottom of his jacket, pulling it down to level with his belt. He took a quick look in the mirror, and then turned on his heel and headed out of the small room. He looked both ways before he stepped out into the corridor. The blaster at his side bounced slightly as he walked, he paused and adjusted the strap at the bottom of the holster tightening it so it would move with him instead of bouncing.

He made his way down the hallway and entered into a small circular room where he saw his commander standing in front of a display screen.

"Sir" he said as he held his hands at his side and pushed his shoulders back.

Commander Geruntine turned around, he was a short heavyset man. He ran a hand through his thinning hair "Ahh Kircanos" he said as he turned and smiled to him. "Pack up" he said lowering his voice. "You've been added to the Senator's security team" he said as he picked up a data-pad and tapped on a few buttons. He pulled a card out of the pad and extended his hand with it.

Kircanos reached out and took the card from him "These are your orders" Geruntine finished. "You leave in three standard hours so get going" he said as he stood up and looked at him.

Kircanos nodded and snapped off a salute, turned on his heel and headed back to his room. A small grin crossed his face as he walked, everything was going as planned.

Kircanos had been a high ranking commando in delta squad, his specialty was sharp shooting and intelligence gathering. He had been approached the Commander of his unit and asked gather some intelligence on a Senator who had been suspected of collaborating with rebel forces. Ever since the republic had been turned into an empire there had been an undercurrent of rebellion. They hadn't been much to worry about until recently, more systems had been rallying to their cause, sending soldiers, weapons and supplies to them. They had been having success against small outposts in the outer rim territories. The Emperor was tired of this and wanted to crush it before it got to far. That is why he had been sent it, to see if this Senator was involved with the rebellion and if she was he was to get as much information as possible and bring her back to the Emperor.

He made his way back to his small room and started to pack the few uniforms he had in a his duffle bag. He looked around at the sparse furnishings, there was nothing in the room that wasn't functional. He turned and headed out of the room and made his way to the space dock. He presented his orders to the guard who was standing by the ramp to the ship. The guard looked at the orders for a long moment before he nodded and let Kircanos onto the ship.

"Who's the commanding officer" Kircanos asked the guard.
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