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Sister's Sleeping Arrangement

26 year old Brother plays host to 19 year old Sister over summer. Sister is about to head of to University. The city where Brother is currently staying and working is on the way to the city where the University is headed.

Brother, who has been living away from home the past few years and has not seen much of Sister, notices what a hot young thing Sister has become and that Sister is not afraid to flaunt her assets in her choice of clothing.

Beginning to be overtaken by unbrotherly thoughts and to avoid (un)desired repercussions, Brother suggests that Sister sleeps on the couch of the living room. To his horror, the next morning Sister complains that the couch is making her back ache and asks if she can sleep in Brother's bed.

Over the next few days the two wrangle and argue over sleeping arrangements even as they enjoy spending platonic quality time with each other.

The question is what prompts Sister to realize that maybe just maybe, her Big Brother is lusting after her? What does she do to test the waters and go into "seduction mode" to get into Brother's bed? What prompts Sister to want to cross the line, other than wanting to sleep in a comfortable bed?
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When he sees her in the morning in a flimsy tee shirt, barely covering her ass, no panties, no bra and insists she put something "proper" on. She does, but finds other ways to try and make her brother uncomfortable, mostly braless, lots of cleavage, short shorts and she is always finding him staring. After spending the afternoon at the pool, she is in shorts and her bikini top and notices big bro always trying to take a peek.

As for the sleeping situation, it is finally exhaustion that draws her, in the middle of the night, while he is asleep to sneak into his bed. It is just to sleep. When the brother wakes while spooning her he jumps out of bed. But then realizes it was just innocent sharing a bed together for comfort sake, so allows her to start sleeping with him. It is the hard on he keeps getting though that is making it difficult.

Sis of course notices the hard on - one morning it is poking her in the ass. So he has to explain "morning wood" to her. That makes her curious, now she wiggles her ass into him in the mornings to feel his hardness.

then one morning either out of innocence, pure sluttiness, or just genuine concern, she sees how hard he is rolls back the covers, pulls his cock out of his sleeping shorts and just starts sucking it...
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Originally Posted by Lost_Yonder View Post
then one morning either out of innocence, pure sluttiness, or just genuine concern, she sees how hard he is rolls back the covers, pulls his cock out of his sleeping shorts and just starts sucking it...
Or he wears loose boxers, owns nothing but loose boxers. He isn't used to having company and doesn't even own pajamas. So, that morning when she notices the tenting of the blankets and tosses them back, its already freed itself through the fly.
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How about she sleeps in bed one night to spite him over their arguments, when he was out late and instead of fighting over it, being too tired, he just got in bed and faced the other way. He rolls back over, flinging his arm out startling her awake when it crashes down on her. She's in stretch pants or panties, hes just in boxers, the hole opened slightly in the twist of the turn, he kinda scoots over and she's close to the edge so she's trying to butt push him back. His dick slowly creeps out and pokes between her legs and he just starts kinda humping her, his hand rest just below her breast. She's basically trapped and is getting wet. Either she leaves it as is, or eases her lowers off and slips it in.
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