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Sissy Ideas

I had two ideas for stories but don't know which one to pursue....

1. Idea 1 is about a teen boy (18 ofcourse) who one day gets kidnapped and wakes up say after a month or so to see some transformations in him. He still has his cock but his face is more girlish and he has tiny a-cup tits. He gets greeted by the woman who has done this to to him and learns that he is the latest addition to a cathouse/brothel filled with sissies which is only exclusively open for women. The idea is that women who seek more power and control come there dresses in more male attire and fornicate with these sissies of the night and fuck their asses.... (maybe instead of a brothel this could be some kind of club??)

2. The neighborhood pervy mom seduces and turns the shy geeky boy next door into her own personal sissy fucktoy. She's got a husband who travels and a daughter who is now in her final year of college. She uses her free time to pick unsuspecting boys and use them for her own pleasure.

So now i'm thinking should I do one...or both ...and how to expand a little more on these ideas
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Why not have the second lead into the first, with pervy mum basically acting as a recruiter, seducing and transforming suitable youths before sending them to the brothel...
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Some men grow breasts as part of aging. Wouldn't it be odd to be such a man and run afoul of some women who want specifically to play with them? (Sorry, it's a bit of a shift in topic, but I didn't know where else to put it, as it was your post that brought that to mind) Maybe your 18 year old's father could be such a man, and find himself invited to stay, when he tries to rescue his son?
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The second idea is perfect.

Her daughter recently went away to college and because her husband travels do much she hires the neighbor to help with stuff around the house.

She is packing up some of her daughters things and feeling sad and lonely. She realizes that he is about the same size as her daughter. She convinced him to let her dress him up, it starts slowly but becomes a regular thing.

After a little while she is fully dressing him in her daughters clothes and doing makeup. He looks like a real girl. She sees the pool boy outside and decides to have some fun. She invites him inside and introduces the neighbor as her niece who is visiting from out of town. She then tells him that her niece just told her that she was tell her how cute she thought he was and that she has never given a guy a blowjob before...
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