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defenitely yes

I love kissing a guy. To me it is part of the sex, an important part.
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That is just the way it happened to me.right guy right mood .who knows he kissed me and it was great...airborne.dm@gmail.com.
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Cuddling,kissing and etc.,

Originally Posted by Greyfox69 View Post
Oh my, you enjoy kissing, cuddling and stroking. So do I! Also I checked out your other replies and see you enjoy wearing panties. A double oh my!! I used to wear them occassionally and loved the feel. I am an old fart in Cleveland looking to please a man who enjoys kissing, cuddling, panties, silk, satin and lace. Any interest?
Hey you and I will have to find out more about one another what do you think? Because I'm that way for sure.
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Originally Posted by Artmajor2 View Post
believe i cld n wld
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Yes I would. I like what someone below me posted, it is an important part of sex.
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Old 06-13-2015, 02:24 AM   #156
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absolutely especially if he had a mouthful of cum!
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It used to be a turn off to me, but the last few years it has become a huge turn on. I think it's really hot to make out with a guy, passionately; while feeling each other up, undressing each other and.....so to answer your question YES!!!
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I've kissed men and I liked it. The first time I kissed a man I was young and he had a rugged face and "five o'clock shadow". I still remember the elation of feeling his face with my hands as we kissed.
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