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"Oh he may...but of course that is when Juliet are to have eyes only for her young lover and her eyes tells her young lover that she'd rather be outside in a park, stealing kisses and watching stars with another."

Claire blushed as she considered her 'stage Romeo' and her 'real' Romeo as Glen smiled at her and laughed.

"As long as it doesn't influence us for the worse, I am sure that he would approve."

Momentarily she wondered what he could mean about being influenced for the worst, but his hands on her hips were distracting.

"You are after all as darn tootin perfect as they come."

She shook her head blushing in earnest then at his words.

"So far from perfect Glen...."

She responded, yet for the first time it was not her 'secret' she was alluding to; strangely she had all but forgotten about that fact of her existence.

"Though we'd best head back I guess. I have demanding boss. There's no telling how he'll react if I'm less than 100% tomorrow ..."

She teased.
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"Oh well, since you are now in the acting business, he might think that you're a naughty milkmaiden and take you over his lap..."

Glen looked down at her and gave her his best leer, his accent suddenly oily, but tinged with naughty promises,

"O' course it wud beh ahnly to feel yah up, unda pretances of a spankin'"

He winked at her and gave her a chaste kiss on the cheek, he started to fold up the blanket and and retrieved the bottle of wine.

"You could also just wear that number to the theater tomorrow, I am quite sure that your demanding boss will be very understanding when he sees you in that, also it might help if you tussle your hair for that 'fresh out of bed' look"

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