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Why are rating stars absent?

As you know, at the end of Literotica stories are stars where readers can vote on the story.
I have noticed that for a very few stories, these stars do not appear at the end making it impossible for me to vote. So my question is, why are the stars absent for some of the stories?

At one point I surmised that maybe I wasn't logged in and that's why the stars didn't appear. But after checking I realized that I am always logged in. Also, the number of stories I have run across with the stars absent is small. I estimate it to be less than 1% of the stories I have read.

I always strive to vote on each story I read and for a few of the ones with absent stars, I thought the story was superb and was quite disappointed that I couldn't vote.

So anyone know why the voting stars are absent sometimes?
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i believe it's because the author has turned off the voting function.
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Originally Posted by rae121452 View Post
i believe it's because the author has turned off the voting function.
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