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Ode To My Beloved Late Wife


J ust to see Her smile
on a frowning Winter’s morn
was to change the Weather’s meaning,
was to start the day reborn.

O h, if you had known Her,
beaming Poise and Grace,
no wrinkles in Her manner,
every curly hair in place...

Y ou would miss Her much as I,
like a desert misses rain;
you would sense my agony,
you would feel my pain.

C ome, let us pray together
to a God Who was so glad
to have created such a Being
that, without Her, He was sad.

E ach of us who loved Her
must remember Her in Time,
for Loving is a Poetry
that always outlives rhyme.

“Sic Transit Gloria Mundi!”
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My condolences.
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