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"Uniting The Lowlands" (PM Hostess to join)

"Uniting The Lowlands"

For information about the role play
or about joining, click here for the OOC Thread.


If you have a question or want to express your interest,
please PM the Hostess. Thank you very much.

The War for Orelea was finally over...

After 40 years of conflict and thousands of lives lost, the Island of Orelea was finally at peace. Yet while the fighting on the battlefield had ended, another form of conflict was rising in the White River Valley region known as the Lowlands.

Early in the war, West Orelea had captured the Lowlands from East Orelea. Although some Easterners remained in the homes, villages, and towns, most fled east out of the Lowlands, fearing persecution by their conquerors. Westerners surged into the Lowlands behind there victorious troops. And for the next 40 years they would raise crops and families alike, making the area their new home.

Then came the treaty between the two Kingdoms. The treaty brought peace to most of the island-continent. But in the Lowlands, it only brought more conflict. A key stipulation of the treaty was that the Lowlands would be returned to East Orelea. Those families who'd fled the region would be allowed to reclaim their property; those families who had moved in from the West would have to leave.

But even as the mayhem of the Second Migration was taking place, the Great Flood occurred. After a storm in the north unlike anything the Oreleans had ever experienced, a catastrophic flood swept through the Lowlands. Villages and towns were swept away. Landmarks used to identify property boundaries were no more. And the White River jumped its banks in several areas, carving a new course through Orelea. Traditionally Western lands were now east of the River; traditionally Eastern lands were now west of it.

No one knew who was supposed to own what anymore. The mayhem in the Lowlands only continued.

As part of the peace treaty, the Harmon, the 18 year old Crown Prince of West Orelea, was to marry Penelope, the 28 year old Queen of East Orelea, who was also his father's sister. The union and child they would birth would one day bring all of Orelea under one banner.

The idea was a good one, old and tested and often successful. So, if it would work for the Crown Prince, the Queen, and the whole of Orelea, why wouldn't it work for the Lowlands? After discussing the issue at length, the Prince and Queen resolved that the Lowlands issue would be dealt with in a similar fashion:

Only couples consisting of one spouse with Western roots and another spouse with Eastern roots could petition for permission to return to the Lowlands and gain title to properties or businesses. A High Commission including Lords from both the West and East were given the task of reviewing every claim and either approving or disapproving it.

And that would be how the Lowlands was reborn after the horrors caused by both Man and Mother Nature.

If you are interested in learning more,
PM me for more information.

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