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First off I just love sucking dick

First off I just love sucking dick. But the whole 'event' in sucking a black cock makes it a bigger deal to me. As I've said before the taboo factor is a major part of it.
Sucking dick in general is not something married white men are 'suppose' to want to do. But sucking black dick is even more taboo and even more of a kick!
My first sexual experiences where with black males & females so that's got to be part of it for me too.
So I'm going to keep sucking cock and swallowing cum but if I get a choice it's going to be black!!
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I have never had a black cock or pussy but damn i want them. Just the color differences excite me oh yea i like cock big any color
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Old 05-19-2015, 10:25 PM   #103
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I've not had the pleasure of a big black cock....but never say never I'm looking forward to it some day
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Old 05-19-2015, 10:58 PM   #104
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When I was growing up in a small town in eastern North Carolina, mixed race sex was still taboo. Sex between a white male and a black male would have been somewhere just short of the apocalypse, which is why sucking a black cock was such a thrill for me. I was a pretty good wrestler in high school, and I had a huge crush on one of my regular opponents from another school. He was a very muscular, very attractive black guy and had a huge bulge in his tight wrestling gear. Fortunately it was a mutual attraction and we became lovers when we both went to the North Carolina State wrestling championship our senior year. We were lovers for just over eight months until I went in the Air Force. Each time we hooked up we both knew that if we were caught it would be very bad, which just made it more thrilling and made me want him even more.

In the Air Force, I had many black lovers - mostly one-night stands. When I first arrived in Miami I also had several one-night stands with black males. But I also had many white partners as well. My black partners were a special thrill, mostly because I still had the mindset that it was taboo. Other than skin color, they weren't any different than my white partners. I am a bottom, so all of my lovers tend to be dominant, white and black.

I spent almost 21 years in a monogamous relationship with my now ex-wife. In that time, my fantasies were split evenly between black and white, males and females. Once I was divorced, I didn't specifically seek out black partners for the "special thrill" that I remembered from my past. In fact, when I went out looking for a male partner, I was quite content if he turned out to be black or white.

My bottom line now is I simply love cock. The color of it doesn't matter - it's all about the pleasure I receive from each individual, all unique in one way or another.
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Sucking cock for me is all about sex. No feelings, no romance, just sex. I'm into contrast, age, size, ethnicity. So, yes, I love the black white contrast.
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Old 05-20-2015, 12:03 AM   #106
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I have read hundreds of comments in different forums by both men and women about their preference for black cock. I have often wondered what the difference is. I have sucked white cock and it was great. I would love to try black cock just to see what the difference is.
After reading all of the comments on this thread, I'm really envious of all the guys that have sucked so many different cocks.
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Old 05-20-2015, 02:22 AM   #107
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i have only sucked one cock, a white one, but i think it would be way hot to have a black cock sliding in an out of my mouth
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Old 05-20-2015, 08:09 PM   #108
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My Sweet Black Fuck...

My only experience of black cock is when my Boyfriend sets us up in a hotel room and arrives with a young black guy, I still don't know his real name, although he says he's called 'Errol'. He's a little younger than me, probably 20-22, and obviously quite nervous, scared of what we intend doing with him. Maybe he was an 'escort', or perhaps my Boyfriend has contacted him through the internet, I don't know. He's not very talkative, but relaxes a little as we make no immediate move. Eventually I undress, and his attention is definitely fixed - not on my face, but my groin. I'm naked and already erect as I crouch down and he allows me to unfasten his belt and pull his pants down. He has a large uncut cock that swings free semi-hard, it's quite beautiful although I've seen bigger. I can't wait to suck it. He glances across warily at my Boyfriend as I take his cock reverently in my hand, then slide its head between my lips, sucking gently and flicking my tongue around its swelling warmth, enjoying the sensation of his arousal. He arches his back, inhaling sharply, then I take it deeper sucking harder making him grunt out loud. My Boyfriend suggests we go to the bedroom, where I sit on the edge of the bed. We're both naked now, he's smooth and largely hairless, a nice body vibrant with energy. He stands in front of me and I suck his cock enthusiastically. He's at ease now, when we collapse together onto the bed into a sweetly-delicious sixty-nine, lying side-by-side, his mouth on me is delicately exquisite, we roll over so he's covering me, his rising excitement communicating as his hips begin a slow pistoning into my mouth as he sucks ravenously at me. He's ignoring my Boyfriend now, who is watching and taking video-clips on his phone, until he suggests more. We separate, and I crouch on all fours, bum raised, and Errol manoevres around, sliding his saliva-glistening cock up me and fucking me forcefully as I brace. I prefer giving oral, but the way he fucks me is a pure joy. Finally he pulls out with an audible 'plop' and I quickly roll onto my back so he can spunk-off over my face and into my open mouth. He's moaning and mewling with each spurting dollop, losing all strength and collapsing beside me. As we lie together cooling he reaches down and his gentle fingers encircle my erection, smoothly wanking me, it only takes a few strokes before I cum in long gooey spurts up my stomach as far as my nipples. He laughs low in his throat as my toes curl at this unexpected and pleasurable addition. I feel a warm gratitude for this naked guy beside me, as we lie together, our bare skin sweat-melting together for long moments of intimate shared afterglow...
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I'm white and I love to suck cock, ultimately I dont care what colour it is but I do have a preference for black or asian, probably the colour contrast thing. I find asian guys the sexiest and whilst it does seem to be true that they are often smaller I like that cause it means its easier to get it all in my mouth.
I do find cocksucking a submissive experience and I love to kneel before a black guy and let him fuck my face. I also like to think of it as a fuck you to all the racist homophobic people I know who would be disgusted to see me do that.
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Old 05-21-2015, 05:30 PM   #110
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It's good that there is at least one place where we can all admit that race matters without starting another holy war.

It's the taboo aspect that does it, if you're into that thing. I think studies have shown black size is bigger on average, but we are all somewhere on our racial bell curves, and they overlap.

If the black and the white man are both turned on, and the race difference is enhancing that, then what's the harm? I think the world would be a much better place if more black men stuck fat cocks into the tight behinds of their white counterparts. And maybe vice-versa too.
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The truth of the matter is that on average black cocks tend to be longer and fatter, although there are always exceptions. I love sucking black cock because it makes me feel more like a sissy boi--I just really get into the hot side of it more. And I love wallowing the cum. too. For that 20 minutes or so I'm their little white bitch. And the three or four times I've sucked two or three black cocks were amazing turn ons for me.
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Smile black or white cock?

I have had both and I like both, it's the actual act that turns me on. So I have no preference as to colour as long as he empties his balls in my mouth.
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