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The clapping made her jump. Jenna’s eyes flicked to Sleuth, narrowing a fraction behind her cracked goggles-not that they could see it. So. Villain after all…her fingers tightened on her hurt shoulder, the pain of it making her dizzy and a little sick. Was it dislocated? She wasn’t sure.

She was also tasting blood from where her teeth had cut the inside of her lip. Her cheekbone ached and she was certain she’d have a black eye in a few hours. The places she’d been kicked felt like a truck had hit her.

“The wrapper’s the same, but the candy isn’t quite as good, is it?” Rush practically purred in response to Sleuth’s disappointment. When he lobbed the ‘14’ jab, Jenna visibly flinched-and then darted to the left to avoid the knife, her lips tightening into a displeased frown. He knew damned well she wasn't 14! He'd been plenty aware of her being a grown god damned woman minutes before! She might not be as...endowed as this brothel advert in purple, but she wasn't lacking in the feminine, dammit. And she had been kissing on this guy? Fuck she was stupid. She wasn’t sure why she felt so...hurt, betrayed, but she did.

And angry. Anger that helped her ignore the throbbing pain in her shoulder.

Rush tried to use her distraction to her advantage-but Jenna blurred around and reappeared where the whip had been, holding it in one hand. She couldn’t see how she would use it to tie either of them up though, moving her other arm hurt like hell. Standing still, panting a little, still blurring in and out of normal speed and super speed, small flitting changes in her position even as she remained in place-Jenna’s eyes moved from one to the other as Rush grinned at her imprudently, but Sleuth’s smug expression had flickered away now that Rush couldn’t see him.

There were two of them to deal with...weren’t there? What did she do? She couldn’t run away. Had to make a stand, had to win. He had thrown a knife, but he had to of known that wouldn’t work.

“The way she’s blurring in and out like that-she’s new.” Rush said to Sleuth as if she wasn’t there, sounding oddly, creepily excited. “Doesn’t have as much control.”

“Control enough to kick your asses.” Jenna fired back, though it was with confidence she didn’t really have. But if Sleuth had been working with Rush, why had he been hiding? And would he really remain friends with a woman after seeing her creepy little shrine to Laura’s murder?

Or did she just not want him to be bad? Her legs trembled. Rush was right-she wasn’t in full control, couldn’t stand still.

“I have other messes to clean up.” She would trust him. He had been Laura’s friend, a lover, he had said. He didn’t seem to be in any danger, she wasn’t abandoning him. The only thing she was doing was avoiding getting herself killed for now, so she could retreat and research, then come back and beat Rush for real. “And there are only so many hours in the night. You both were lucky-but luck does eventually run out.”

That sounded almost cool. Or maybe lame.

Jenna was in too much pain to care. She stayed only a minute longer, a hesitant glance between the two-and then was gone, the back door blowing open and banging against the side of the building.


For a moment, it looked like Rush would follow. Her body tensed and she laughed-but she stopped, reconsidering. If she waited, she might think of a more creative way to do things. The girl seemed to have a nice body, might have a pretty face beneath that mask, those goggles. She was curious to see who she was, how she had acquired access to the Speed Force, if she had known Laura.

And then there was Sleuth.

“Is that little upstart giving you trouble, Sleuth?” She inquired in that same purr-and then in a blur she was in front of him, her thigh between his legs and her hands around either wrist and against the wall, though she wasn’t quite strong enough to truly pin him there-but it wasn't for lack of trying. “You were hiding from me.” She said in a low, husky tone. “Were you hoping I’d solve your problems for you, free of charge?”
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The brat disappeared out the door and it was all Sleuth could do not to breathe a sigh of relief. He needed to stay focused and ensure Mistress Rush didn't suspect him. Which of course he had to assume she did.

A moment later she had him against the wall. Mistress Rush' thigh pushed up against his groin. Sleuth shook his head back and forth making a "tsk, tsk, tsk" noise, and trying to hide the pleasure he felt. "This is just like you, you disappear for several years, you don't write, you don't call and expect to pick things up where we left off."

“Were you hoping I’d solve your problems for you, free of charge?”

Sleuth looked towards the door. "That? That is not a problem. Not for me anyway. She is a child playing at being a hero. She only struck you because you let her." He leaned forward until his lips almost brushed against hers. "We are adults. We understand how the world works. I was hoping to see what you were up to. I came to find out what you are planning for my city and whether it would be worth my while to help you out."

Sleuth used his superior strength to seize Mistress Rushes wrists. He pivoted and spun so their positions were reversed and it was her back to the wall. He pressed his chest against hers, pinning her tighter. "How tragic that you're still fighting the same old tired fights."

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