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I'm staying away from voice-activated devices. Unless I have the written guarantee that these things are not used to compile my habits, I'm not buying. And by the time I get Cortana to do what I want, I could have probably typed in my search request by hand since I'm already at the computer anyway.

Finally there's the issue with my music collection. I can't use voice activation because neither Cortana nor Alexa can use CDs or vinyl. I have better things to do with my life than to digitize/archive 1500+ albums.

For now, these things are just toys. As a sci-fi fan, I should be all over these "AI" systems, but I don't need a glorified voice-operated note pad or DJ when I can do it myself, with less chance for error and without having to turn on yet another device.

It's the same with VR. The potential is there, but the games seldom have more depth than a WiiSports event. Many people get extremely motion sick in VR thanks to the disparate signals the brain receives. Unless that's eliminated, VR will go the way of motion controls or 3D TVs.
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