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Mom and her sister get caught

This is just going to be a premise and I'd like to see what ideas everyone comes up with.

A Mother and her sister have been having an affair. One time, in the throes of passion, someone catches them going at it.

So my question is: who is it and what do they do next?

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Since one of the women is denoted as 'mom', it would only be appropriate that the one who stumbles upon the scene is an offspring of said mom, right?

Lets say it's her openly gay son coming home for the weekend, arriving a day early because his chem teacher got the flu or something. To surprise his parents he brought with him his new boyfriend who, to cause some drama, isn't completely uninterested in women.

Things are tense and getting even tenser when 'dad' gets home before they have a chance to really sort things out. Dad is, of course, oblivious to his wife and sister-in-law's extracurricular activities.

I could see some nice drama in there, and maybe a gay son figuring out that batting for both teams is more fun because then you get to play more.
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Try A Taste of Incest: Spiced Rum. Your scenario follows the first part. Sisters and their sons, oh my...

Otherwise, what could happen? Are they discovered by child, brother, parent, friend, colleague? Bro walks in; sisses say, "It's about time you got here!" Daughter walks in and says, "I thought so!" For authorship, decide on your desired outcome: drama, comedy, tragedy, romance, stroker, endless serial?

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Nikyc: lol, I guess using a mom does set the stage for intergenerational couplings. I like your idea though it would need to be carefully handled (maybe guy's always been bi but never had the chance to actually pursue a woman or had any luck with them so to avoid a conversation, he just says he's gay)

Hypoxia: I love that story and had a lot of fun reading it.

To add my own spin to the premise...the two women's father walks in on them. He's getting up in age and lives with one of the daughters or vice versa. He's shocked so much he can't say anything and just stands there with a growing erection until he's spotted. His daughters are shocked as well and beg him not to tell their mom. Dad agrees and jokes he can't believe his body wasted an erection on his daughters.

Daughters the strip his robe off and let him know there's no reason it has to go to waste.
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mom daughter

Along these lines I read a story once where a daughter comes home after having been tricked into having rough sex. The mom goes the the guys house to deal with the guy. There were lines like "You ignorant prick, I bet you think you can fuck me" and mom demanding to see the cock that fucked her daughter. It went on until the guy finally figured it out, and threw her down on the bed and fucked her brains out. It was a fun read.
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Jenna if you remember that title post it that sounds like something worth reading.
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i'm quite fond of both my wife and her sister. i adore them both. So, naturally, i love the idea of catching them together. Not so sure about the "mom" part.

i'm not the biggest guy around, in fact, my wife dates others because of my diminutive stature. So if i were to walk in on my wife and sis-in-law, i might get my ire up only to have it cut down by a vicious retort from my wife.

This also hearkens back to an old fantasy of mine (and by "old" i mean like from the dawn of masturbation, like 40 years ago... when i used to fantasize about spending the summer with my aunt and my two beautiful cousins (who are two to four years older than i am), and their discovery of my little quirks, and spending the summer at their remote cottage being their maid.

Just some ideas... sorry if i got sidetracked. Seems that i'm suddenly distracted.
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