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I'm in the mood to start playing. If anyone's interested in a private semi-long term email roleplay/collaboration, let me know. A few things that have been interesting me lately:

- A bishop and a young girl in the alpine forests of old Europe.
- adultery
- ANY sort of power play.
- microphelia (go ahead and look it up if you don't know)
- sex between a god and a mortal (ala the rape of europa)

If you have any other burning ideas just pm me and let me know.

My fingers tingle in anticipation.

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Originally Posted by SweetAsSuga View Post
Hey everyone! I'm seeking literate male writing partners (anyone who can form a well-written paragraph and posts of a decent length) for two of the many stories that I have running through my head right now.

Love Letter

Escaping an unwanted marriage to a brutal man, Elizabeth flees her Boston home for the wild west. Along the way she meets up with a group of women intended to be mail order brides. When one of the girls dies, Elizabeth takes her place and finds herself falling in love with the cowboy, who thinks she's someone else.

Looking for a male to play the cowboy. This will be a long-term RP focused on plot and character development as well as sex.

Chicago Noir

Set in 1945 Chicago, Faith Chambers is a seemingly innocent waitress at a hole-in-the-wall diner. She has built a friendship with a married, hard-nosed detective who frequents the diner. Occasionally he will discuss his cases with Faith, who is always willing to lend an ear or an observation. But when the detective starts to hunt down an assassin who is targeting the bigwigs of Chicago politics, Faith might know more than she's letting on. As the two delve into the case, they begin a whirlwind affair that could end in tragedy if Faith's secret is revealed.

Seeking a male co-writer to play the detective. This is a long-term, character and plot driven RP.

If you're interested in any of these ideas send me a PM.

Bumping a few ideas. PM me if you are interested in either of them.
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ive began its called planet q

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Need 1 or more female(s).

I tried to do this on a fantasy role play site, but they said it was too erotic for what I didn't understand was a primarily teen age membership.

"Tower of Blood" is an erotic vampire tale. It begins in a 44 story commercial and residential tower just following the death of the vampire patriarch, who believed the vampires should remain in the shadows and survive in obscurity. His successor, Joseph, scoffs at the word "survive", replacing it with the word "thrive"; he wants the vampires to rise to power and rule the world.

The story follows Joseph's attempts to find converts, find increased food sources, and find power.

If you are interested in writing either a vampire or human -- whether blood donor, new vampire, or other -- please PM me and we'll talk. Please do not post to the IC without first asking and being accepted.

A note about me and my writing style. I am not new to role play; I come here from another site where erotica was not allowed. While I like to write erotically, I am not filthy either. I am not overly descriptive or pornographic in sex acts, and each time our characters have sex, I tend to write less description and simply get to the end, unless there is something new and erotically interesting about what they did. No reason to describe the same fuck again and again, right? I am more interested in the story surrounding the sexual acts than the sexual acts themselves. I am also rather anal about the quality of my writing, and I hope that my fellow writers will be the same. We all make mistakes, and I will make them, too; but if you don't know what spell check is, or if you write from a cell phone and ignore punctuation and capitalization because it's too hard to deal with, we won't get along. But thanks for reading.

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A chance to make some magic

Greetings to the alluring Ladies of Lit...

I am seeking a partner in crime, to help me write a magical based role-play.

The basic plot of the role-play would be that a witch (you) with unknown feelings for a wizard (me), witnessed him come close to death as the result of a horrific duel between a cold, cruel wizard, who is relentless, and will destroy anything who stands in the way of what he wants. The wizard has sustained some life threatening injuries, and the witch offers him shelter, and care. During his convalescence, the wizard grows to become dependent on her, as the road to recovery is slow and long. As the wizard gradually gets better, things start to happen between both of them.

The chance is here for this to be a long role-play, and not one where sex happens within the first 6 posts.

All I ask is that you are literate, and detailed in your writing, and that you are able to post a couple of paragraphs on a somewhat regular basis.

If you would like to contact me to discuss this, feel free to contact me through a PM.

Hope to hear from you soon.
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It was supposed to just be a date auction for charity. Nothing kinky, just an evening's company. All the girls in the sorority were doing it, giggling on the stage in tight little outfits, teasing the horny college boys and making fifty or a hundred bucks. All in good fun, all for a good cause. When Alexa's turn came, though, the bidding went higher. Jay, her boyfriend, had plenty of money to burn and actually cared enough about the cause to spend it. He was planning on making it a special night for the two of them, and the first move was to make sure she went for far more than the other girls.

Unfortunately for him, someone else wanted her too. Someone else with the resources to outbid him again and again. Who he was and what he was hoping for she couldn't begin to guess, but she couldn't deny that she was curious, and that as the bids went higher and higher, she was flattered and even a little aroused.

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Hi all.

I'm submissive and maso, het but bi curious. I'm new to SRP but not to creative writing, which is something I've always enjoyed on the quiet. I have a couple of fleshed out plot ideas, but I'll just post briefly here in order to keep from cluttering up this thread too much.

I'm looking for very dom/sadistic male writers, who enjoy nonconsent, violence and emotional abuse.

Mafia man/organised criminal ~ younger half-sister

Your character is left to raise mine after our father is killed. Your mother was his first wife, whereas mine was his much younger second wife. You always lusted after your step-mother and my character has blossomed into a younger, hotter version of her. Inevitably, the lines between discipline and abuse are about to get blurred beyond all recognition.

Please PM me for detailed plot idea.

Property inheritor ~ slave Now Taken

You inherit a house that turns out to have a soundproofed basement containing a totally institutionalised and obedient girl. In fact it has taken so long for the property to finally fall into your hands that she's half starved and had long since given up hope that anyone would find her. It quickly becomes obvious that she lived in abject terror of your late relative and that same absolute power corrupts you utterly. Despite her hatred and fear of you however, it becomes apparent that she's been trained to 'enjoy' abuse. Her helpless physical arousal in the face of vicious verbal, physical and sexual abuse swiftly helps you overcome and/or suppress your misgivings and moments of guilt. In the long term, you waver between the urge to build a more consensual dynamic and equally compelling desire to simply revel in her pain and fear, viewing her as nothing more than an outlet, as property.

Please PM me with interest.


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Hey everyone!

I find myself with an unexpected amount of free time, so I have decided to try my hand at role play on here. I am quite experienced and have been using the chat for many years. This form of interactive story concoction has always appealed to me, but real life often would get in my way. But as previously mentioned and for reasons I will explain if asked, I do now have enough time and gumption to keep up.

I am seeking a male role player who enjoys a woman that seeks unique experiences in life. Unlike most here, I do not have a list of prefabricated fantasies that I would like to enact. I am always thirsting for new scenarios and situations, as well as new spins on classic scenarios and situations. Thus, I do not like to pigeonhole myself in one concise list of possible adventures. Instead, I enjoy exploring in concocting new situations and scenarios with my partner so that we partake in a play that we both share equal involvement and pleasure in.

My enjoyments are quite variable. I appreciate a wide range of scenarios, varying from the mundane everyday experiences to fantastical wonderment of various stripes. On the first end of the spectrum, I like things that are flirty, fun, and unique. On the other end, I like creative sojourns in different historical periods, various fantasy realms, and some science-fiction concepts. Supernatural and horror concepts work as well, but I tend to avoid more Gothic elements as well as extreme violence. I also tend to avoid working with established intellectual-properties.

As for my sexual behaviors, I enjoy doing or at least trying most things. I am a submissive woman, but not a doormat. I take pride in my intelligence. In fact, attesting to my variability, I do like being the dominant one on occasion. Those of done it with say I am quite good at it. Keep in mind though, sub/ Dom stuff is not a necessary elemented. In general, I like being mischievous and a tad bit wicked. I have an interest in pushing taboos. On top of this, I do like giving and receiving oral. I also have a high affinity for cum. I like wearing it and making a big deal out of it. I also have been known to explore some incest topics such as father, brother, cousin, or uncle. I will never do a mother role, so don't ask. I also like to fool around in public and push the limit there. Some degradation, humiliation, and especially dirty talk appeals to me. I will gladly give or receive any of that. I will try a lot of things, so if it is not on my limits list, try asking.

Speaking of which, my limits are far more concrete than my likes. I will do nothing involving animals or animal people, sorry, Furrys, that just isn't my thing. Secondly, nothing involving rape, violence, or blackmail. These subjects do not do it for me either. Thirdly, nothing dealing with pregnancy, breeding, or impregnation. Involving children at all is very grotesque to me. As mentioned before, no extreme violence. I do enjoy being spanked, bondaged, and some pain, but no broken bones, blood, or Crazyness on those lines. I also avoid drugs and racism.

So, there you go. I how to you if you find me interesting!

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I'm looking for a female for some incest roleplay.
-Older sister and lil brother
-cousins, same age or younger girl cousin
-Aunt and nephew
Also, I can also do dad and daughter or older brother and younger sister.
You can add your own scenarios into it if you want
PM me if interested.

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Plot oriented historical role play

I'm looking for a female co-author and possibly others (m or f) willing to post legibly, creatively and regularly, if not daily.

The Scene: It's 1851 in a small town in north Texas way beyond the line separating "civilized" and "indian" territory. There is a general goods store owned by the only doctor and run by his only daughter. There is also a saloon with a couple of spare rooms for rent, a small bank, stables, a small church that doubles as a school during the week, and a cemetary on the hill overlooking town.

Main characters at start of scene:

The stranger:
Riding unexpectedly into town, he is no friendlier to the townsfolk than they are to him. He doesn't blame them for being aloof. Living where they do, they are subject to indian raids and rouge ranger attacks. They have seen everything and then some. From corrupt law men to benevolent bandits. But where does he fall in that spectrum? What secrets will he uncover? Will he stay for an hour, a week, or longer? How will his coming effect the town? Or will there be any effects at all?

The daughter of the doctor, she runs the general goods store and stays in the back of the store. Her mother is buried in the cemetery and her father is away on his many medical visits most of the time. Having only recently turned 18 she prefers the small store close to people over the big empty house several miles from town where her father lives. She is the epitome of high class. Prim and proper in every way but deep inside she yearns for adventure.
Will she find adventure with the newcomer? Will she ride off into the sunset with him or will they settle down and start a new life together? Will they even be interested in each other?

Possible additional characters:

She keeps the saloon her husband left her when he died. And if rumors are true her services include more than just a warm meal and a soft pillow. But she is no stranger to rumors, especially since her husband died suspiciously.

The doctor:
Sarah's dad.

The preacher and school teacher

And many others.

IM me if interested.

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My idea is for a British man to have a heart shaped birth mark on his face. But has some of the mark on his ear lobe and also. On his arm, many people see him as a freak. But one day he meets a young girl. Eighteen and he is thirty, who sees the beauty in him. But he sees demons, and is afraid she will think he is nuts. The girl is from America and sees things no one but her new friend sees.


The Mass Effect

My idea is based off the video games Mass Effect, I kinda had two versions one would be based off the Illusive Man or a different species which I think would be cool. Like a Turian, or even Salarian though I know there emotions don't exactly. If you choose not to be T.I.M you can pick any guy from the mass effect series or just make an original character. I prefer a different species. So I will give you both ideas so you know whats going on.

For the Illusive Man (T.I.M) He has fallen in love with a girl of his late friends, her parents died and due to how aggressive the man is. And also his age factors in his worries. But after they establish a relationship, and she is hired by T.I.M. due work closely to T.I.M. Perhaps he wants the perfect life, the money, the power and also have kids one day. He could become indoctrinated with the tech in him, but she keeps him sane.

And my other idea where you can be different species or a canon from the games, they are two best friends and enjoy one another's company. But the guy has fallen in love for her, but due to him not being human he is terrified he would reject her. Again can be an OC or Canon.


Wolf In Human Clothing

A demon king was not happy with his subjects all the women had thrown themselves at him. So he goes to the human world to find someone to connect with, just to get away. He had no idea he would become good friends and fall in love with. But he knew that if he had sex, then while he has sex he will turn into his true form. So basically it is based on blind faith, but one day he no longer can take it and ends up having sex with his best friend. Wanting her to become queen.


The Breeder

So I got an idea based on the movie species, the guy would be an astronaut and end up having some thing go into him. He comes back completely different, his personality is rather rough. Though he knows what is inside her and has the urge to mate, though the babies don't get born instantly just perhaps in a few days. He goes to his friend needing advice but his need to mate makes him have sex with his friend, when he sees she can handle it he will continue to use her. And will also get another girl pregnant wanting to control the world. And he ends up changing while sleeping with her.


Pen Pals

My idea for this is for two people to have met over the internet, and have been talking on and off for a couple years. They become rather close, and they have spoken over the phone. But they decide to meet in person, my idea is for perhaps the guy have something different about him. Could be burned, or disabled in some way. Something with him that makes it hard for him to meet new people, due to his appearance. Can even be over weight.


You've Got Mail

This is an idea about two people that met online, the girl who just turned eighteen years old and started to talk to this one guy over the net. They do not know each others names or anything, what she does not know. Is the man is in his 40's and he is very rich. He is worth millions and when they finally meet they get to know each other. He can be a real Jack Ass. But being with the girl he becomes humble, but his father isn't happy about it.

He is convinced that she wants to be with him so she could live comfortably, so this rp would need to be the guy but also the father. However being the father would be rather rare and not for a long time either. They will end up getting married and have a future but that would be in the distant future.


Love Conquers All

This idea is about a male werewolf who looks to be in his 30's but actually he is over four hundred years old. Since vampires live much longer lives, but every one hundred years there is a full moon that is colored red. That is when he has no control over his changes, the red full moon is the mating moon where all werewolves claim there mates and get the chosen mate pregnant. The male werewolf had a mate one hundred years ago but was killed by a hunter. So he wants his best friend to be his mate.

When they have sex he will bite her marking her and it will also turn her some what into a werewolf, she will run faster, better sense and long living. Everything but the transformation, he is the leader of his pack that his friend knows nothing about. But the night of the full moon, he calls his friend before the moon comes up and asks her to come up. The changes are painful but sex makes the pain not happen, so the idea is for him to take her when the first signs of pain occur and his werewolf smell will tell him she is pregnant.


The Secret Circle

A guy who has a coven he is a leader of a group of people into Wicca and he has found a girl who just moved beside him and he can feel that she has the power he will need to achieve the goal to become the most powerful person in the world but it costs him his humanity and he will end up turning into a demon. But by the time the changes happen they will be very close and slowly turning into lovers since he wants to be king with her as his queen tho she has no idea she has magic in her

PM if interested in any of my ideas
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Originally Posted by TheLongRider View Post
I'm getting back in the game and am now searching actively for RP. I see a lot of people writing things in blocks of text, so here's a fun way to talk about who I am and what I'm all about on this site.

~a dude

~the romance behind sex
~the sex that comes from romance
~older/younger pairings
~realistic relationships
~a little of everything
~focused approaches to stories, no matter how subjective or specific

~write long posts
~write short posts
~make stories last long and build up
~get right down-and-dirty
~RP with men and women
~use the English language with practiced mastery and deliberate accuracy
~make characters that are not-so-typical of Lit (no Ryan Steeles or Jonathan Powers here....unless that's what you like)

~pee on you
~torture and kill you
~be a sissy
~be a wolf-fairy that hangs out in a wooded glen
~keep from impressing you

I'll be engaging in my own pursuit of people to RP with. If you're interested, send me a PM and let's see what we can come up with.

Despite my last post, I was in the game, then I wound up falling out of the game because of work schedules. Isn't it weird how people like us wind up being the only reliable employees of anything in the weeks around the holiday season? I apologize to all my previous partners and my lateness, but I'm here to stay, and I wanna get busy. Whaddya got, Lit?
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Seeking Real Writers (Not guys who want to talk dirty)

Hello Lit,

I've been bumping my old post a bit to try and entice some writers to join me on some adventures but have been unlucky so far, save a few splendid candidates.

I am looking for men or women who would like to explore the dynamics of a married couple as they dip their feet into the world of swinging.

This genre leaves many angles to explore including: cheating scenarios, girl/girl scenarios, FMFM scenarios, FMF scenarios, MFM scenarios, and also gangbangs.

I have a strong preference towards older, slightly dominant men and would love to find one who would explore all of the above scenarios with me i.e. she meets this man first and then he leads her down a rather dark rabbit hole.

That said, I most enjoy partners who like a good amount of plot/build-up to the erotic parts wherein we explore the emotional construct of all characters involved.

Please PM me to introduce yourself and ask for more details. Try to avoid one-liners --- big turn off. Extra bonus if you have AIM or Gchat.

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You should write the blurb on the back of books! As much as both ideas sound (not in a small way by your 'blurb') very interesting I fear I'd fall far short of your ability.


EDIT: that was supposed to be for SweetAsSugar

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Okay, here is my bequest...

I'm on vacation with my girlfriends somewhere in southern Europe, maybe Greece. Anyways my personal things get stolen from my room. As per the hotel, I go visit the local police (corrupt) to report the crime. Well very quickly, the situation turns on me and I become.. well you know.

email format
perverted theme
obvious rape

If this interests you, being a dirty cop or maybe more, please PM me. Would love to play.

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I have the writing bug again, and I am in desperate need of an active thread. So if anyone needs a male for one of their roleplays or would simply like to brainstorm a fresh idea out in pm, then please let me know. Save me from my boredom I beg of you!
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Alexa knows there's no such thing as magic.
Except ever since she moved into the attic apartment on Grant Street, she's having impossibly erotic dreams. Every morning, she wakes up aroused, but none of the men she knows interest her. They just don't hold a candle to her dream lover.
Until one evening she runs into the being who has been invading her dreams at the local corner store.

Despite her beauty, Alexa is almost entirely disinterested in sex. While the other girls in her dorm are hooking up with guys, she just can't be bothered.
She is an ideal candidate for the first human tests of a new drug meant to increase the sex drive. Except when the testers see her, they agree that rather than give her the normal dosage, intended to create a gradual change over time, they will give her a mega-dose.
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Looking for a dominant male for:

A story involving a rich indian girl living in england , who gets black mailed by her familys chaffuer to have sex with him, against her wishes , she starts to enjoy having sex with him and starts a ful blown affair .

however as their affair progresses her parents arrangeh her marriage with an indian man . they live togather for a while but her husband was nothing like her lover and in the end her lover and her cuckolds the husband and the husband secretly gets off seeing his wife getting used and she and her lover dominates the husband and humiliates him.

i need a male to play the role of the lover and the husband .

please pm me . thanks

open to suggestion to make the idea better.



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Hi all,

I'm looking for a woman to write a thread with.

I don't have anything concrete in mind, aside from the idea that a wholesome girl is some how corrupted into an uninhibited sexual woman. The means, and goal, are up in the air at the moment, to be fleshed out with my partner.

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Due to whatever reason some threads have come to a halt so I am relisting them with a few others. Always needing a good male Co writer. Pm any interest or questions

Also if any of my Co writers notice their thread here and are still wishing to continue writing please let me know and I will delete it from the list.

Thread ideas
1. Chances and Fate (Working title)

2. Haven based idea Would prefer knowledge of the show and character personalities.

3. Setting things right back home

4. Heart Over Orders

5. Love's Fatal Inspiration

6. The Lady and the Pirate ~~

7. Biker idea Basic SOA knowledge would be a plus.

8. The Lady and the Lawman Love of Western movies a plus

9. Love trumps it all

10. Married but not to each other
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Hello all I am currently seeking two possible Rps

1st is a boy made a promise to a girl, his best friend when he was 8 that when they grew up they would be together. She moved two years later. He is now 25 and a semi successful writer. He seeks out his girl having kept his promise. He finds her.

Now for the girl interested Im thinking here to have had a horrible life abused? Or maybe she didn't contact him because she thinks she is ugly/fat, or she is in a bad situation stripper/ prostitute. My character doesn't care and fights for you or tries to build you back up. Looking for a good romantic RP

2nd idea is for my character to come home from college his mother got remarried tries to a nice man. He also has a sibling, be it a man or woman, who is in there last year of high school. My character has seen the sibling on the internet on fetish sight. ( crossdresser/costplay) sites. And waits for the right time to spring it on them. He is a fan and asks to have a personal show or he will tell your father. This becomes heated as his attention less to him kissing you and fondling you but stops before he actually sleeps with you. Thinking you could either sneak in later and finish what he started or threaten him by recording the ordeal.

Just a few ideas PM me if interested. I am open to suggestions and tweaks to the poly and premise. So please if interested PM me, trust me I don't bite...hard

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any ideas on where to go from here?
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He has not felt love for thousands of years. Since his transformation to an immortal he has stayed on the fringes of society. But one day he stumbles across a familiar face. Could this be a reincarnation of his long lost love? Or has the empty cavity in his chest where a heart once beat finally decided that it is ready to heal?
As a 'were-' he has three shapes he can assume: the human, the animal, and the were-. As a human he is as powerful and quick as the most rigorously trained olympian. He has also learned from his animal side to be stealthy and in some lights nearly invisible. He can also broadcast images, scents, tastes etc into the mind of humans he is making eye contact with thus giving him enormous manipulation abilities, especially over the weak minded. As an animal he is similarly the alpha and can similarly manipulate animals he is making eye contact with. In were- mode he has the head of the animal while maintaining the body of a human. In this mode all of his powers are amplified ten fold.
If any of this interests you, pm me.

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Looking for a female roleplayer to restart an old thread of mine that has gone dead. The scenario is based on the film "Before Sunrise", where two strangers meet on a train travelling through Europe and feel an immediate connection. They have one night together before one of the characters has to leave for a flight back home. There would be an equal focus on the romantic and the erotic themes of the story.

If you'd like to check out where we were originally taking the thread, here's a link:

Obviously, with a new writing partner, we could take things in new directions. PM me if you're interested.
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