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Seeking Men and Women for "Sex Survivor"

Temporarily on hold while I concentrate on another role play.

This is a combination of the "Survivor" concept, "The Hunger Games", and my own exhibitionist and voyeur fantasies...

The setting is a combination of a pleasurable Fantasy Island and a dangerous "Hunger Games" wilderness. As with HGs, the setting is filled with camera's for the Subscribing Audience. Contestants must both survive the dangers of the wild with what few possessions they find, steal, or are provided and satisfy a voyeur audience eager to see others struggling against nature ... and having sex!

The role play works like this:
  • For clarification:
    • "TellMeAStoryGuy" will be referred to as the GM, game master; while the "Sex Survivor" Host, a character, will be referred to as "The Host".
    • We will be working with multiple threads. The main in-character thread will be referred to as the SSIC thread; the out of character thread will be the SSOOC; and the other threads will have their own names, as explained below.
  • The program, "Sex Survivor", is an open-ended program, broadcast live, 24 hours a day; it has no starting or ending point. Therefore any writer can introduce any character at any time. This give the SSIC the ability to begin now with a few characters and expand and contract as the interest by writers does the same.
  • The rules of "Sex Survivor", the show, are flexible; they are forever changing and shifting with the audience's desires. (Essentially, this is the GM's way of saying I will change things up to keep writers interested and keep the SSIC alive as long as writers are still interested.)
  • Writers must petition the GM to be matched up with another writer for collaboration. The purpose here is more to match writer to writer than character to character. (Not meaning to offend anyone, but there are always certain writers who just don't want to write with other writers. Sorry. I will, as GM, create any character needed to satisfy the role playing need of any writer who cannot find a collaborator... within reason.)
  • Once matched, writers will use what ever balance of pre-planning and/or improvisation they want to use to write their scene.
  • Interactions between just two characters will be written in separate threads, which are then linked to the SSIC thread. This allows writers to complete their individual scenes at their own pace, without the timelines in the SSIC becoming jumbled. (This is the one true and persistent downfall of group RPs, the confusion of the timeline caused when the posts of frequently and infrequently posting writers don't follow the timeline. I hope to prevent this with these individual threads. I've seen it done elsewhere and it seemed to work well.)
  • Characters can have short or long term involvement with one another. This is up to you, the writers. If you as a writer decide that you want to move your character on to a new involvement, all you have to do is PM the GM and ask; I will arrange some twist to move you onto new adventures.
  • The nature of the scenes can be either "survival", "sexual", or "combination". Remember: Characters are trying to survive -- which sometimes will mean caves, filthy clothes, and no food and other times will include hot tubs, buffets, and luxurious suites -- as well as sexually perform for the audience.
  • The goal of all characters is to please the audience and Host to remain on the show as long as they can and gain big prizes for their after-game life.

I will add more here over time and with bumps, but right now it's 3am and I need sleep.

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Seeking writers for "Taking Care of Business"

Anyone remember the movie "Taking Care of Business" with James Belushi and Charles Grodin?

This role play has the same beginning premise: A man loses his second brain, a Tablet, and another man finds it and uses it to assume the prior's life. (In the 1990 movie, a note filled Dayplanner was involved. We'll be using an electronic Tablet to update the story to current times.)

I write two of the central characters:
  • Spencer Barnes -- who keeps the books for a high end prostitution ring -- has lost the electronic Tablet upon which the entire business's dealings are kept.
  • Jimmy Dworski -- a small time burglar and wanna-be crime boss -- has just escaped a minimum security prison ... and he finds the Tablet.
Characters needed include:
  • The Madam. She has been enjoying the millions she's earned, leaving the daily business to Spencer. Now, she must become active again as the names and reputations of politicians, businessmen, Hollywood types, and mafiosos are threatened by Spencer's error.
  • Said politicians, businessmen, Hollywood types, and mafiosos. They won't know their identities have been compromised when they call in for escorts and are greeted by Jimmy, who is easily star struck, unlike the jaded Spencer, who didn't give a crap who was using the service.
  • The Cop(s): Either man or woman or both, someone has to chase down Jimmy. What happens when he/she discovers what Jimmy has available to him?
  • The Prostitutes: Males as well as females; they have never met Spencer and, therefore, have no idea that he is a fraud when he contacts them, or they contact him. I can see a lot of plots here, fun and dramatic and confusing and erotic. I can also see Jimmy falling in lust ... or in love.
  • The Competition: Another prostitution ring leader, male or female, who would love to have the Client List in the Tablet.
  • The Unlit Match: A woman who could have been an Old Flame if she'd ever been given the chance. She has always had the hots for Spencer but couldn't even get the time of day from him because ... well, because of a lot of things: he's not just dedicated to his job, he's addicted to it; he's anal about relationships and easily disappointed, therefore he simply stays away from personal connections; and he's literally afraid of women, which is perfect for his current job, running a ring of beautiful sexy women that he never has to meet face to face.
  • And more...
Writer Expectations:
  • Speaking of anal, I am when it comes to spelling and grammar. I am not perfect and I don't expect you to be; but if you aren't the type who checks their spelliing and at least does a cursory check of grammar, you won't be happy here.
  • A couple of paragraphs per post. Sometimes, a couple of lines is all it takes, but don't make a habit of it. And if you and another writer are engaged in a back-and-forth, please don't splatter the thread with dozens and dozens of short little posts. (There is an alternative for that that we can discuss later.)
  • I am relatively new here, so I don't have a track record for you to review. But I can tell you that on other role play sites I am currently on, I post at least 4 days a week for EACH character I write. If you can't/won't do the same, don't take on a central character. All you're going to do is hold up everyone else.
  • Obviously, no "god moding". Writers should collaborate on the directions of their characters. If you want spontaneity, agree on that; if you want a structured story line, agree on that; but essentially, agree!
The Plot: I am not going to dictate a specific plot, except to say:
  • Spencer will look for solace in the home and possibly arms of his Unlit Match.
  • The Madam will be pressed to find both Spencer and the Tablet, as well as deal with potentially dangerous clients who find their reputations threatened.
  • The Cop(s) may want to bring Jimmy in ... or they may want to take advantage of what he has.
  • The Competition may try to capture Jimmy ... or they may try to deal with him.
  • The Prostitutes ... oh, who knows here. But I would like one of the Call Girls to become a lust/love interest of Jimmy.
  • The Clients are going to interest Jimmy, who goes ga-ga when he meets famous or infamous people.
  • And what ever seems interesting. Just ask, and I will tell you whether it seems do-able.

If you are interested, you can read the IC thread here.

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Looking for a female writer to fill this thread. Just looking for it to be a fun sexual thread. lots of sex and flirting send me a pm if your interested.


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posted below

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New Worlds
Looking for a dirty-minded immigration agent.
She's from a very conservative country, and is unfamiliar with the way things are done here. She is trying so hard to fit it, it could be an opportunity for a certain kind of man to take advantage of her. Since everything here is so free and liberal, she won't know quite where to draw the line until it's much too late.

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My co writer has disappeared and I would really like to continue this thread. Please pm if you are interested.
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I'm looking for one female writer, for a different sort of role. Please read all of this before contacting me about this.

The idea is this:

My character has a girlfriend and a life he is generally happy with. They have a good sex life, are happy together, and their relationship is progressing nicely. Then one night, he has a dream involving a woman that is quite different from his girlfriend. She is much more kinky, more submissive, and they literally do nothing but have sex, or tease around it. Their "relationship," if you can call it such a thing, is a purely physical one.

When he wakes up from the first one, he's amused by it, he enjoyed it, but it doesn't go beyond that. When it starts happening night after night, he finds himself wanting to be in the dream more than he wants to be awake. Something about this woman, who exists only in his head but seems to somehow be a fully realized person when he dreams, is sucking him in. He begins neglecting his job, his girlfriend, and basically everything else in his life. He takes sleeping pills as much as is safe, just so he can get into this dream world, where his "dream girl" lives.

The question then becomes: What will he choose? A world that is real, if perhaps somewhat less satisfying now? Or a dream world, where he is enchanted and addicted to a woman who does not really exist?

If your mind thinks it's real, is it any less real then the "real" world?

So here's what I'm looking for: One female writer to play the "dream girl." There will be myself and another female writer involved, but as the character you'll be playing doesn't actually exist and the two women cannot actually encounter each other, there's no need for the other writer to have any bi tendencies. I want someone that can write with detail and length, and uses proper grammar and spelling. Also, someone that will be open to communicating and working out plot points ahead of time, as there are a number of different ways this could go and I'd like the input of the people I'm playing with.

This could be something interesting to play out, I think, so I'm going to be a little picky on who the third writer is. If I don't pick you I mean no offense by it.

If you think you could fill the role of the "dream girl," or if you have any questions, please feel free to send me a PM.

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Looking for a new female writing partner to join me in any or all of the following threads . . . seem to have hit a string of disappearing writers later and looking for a new partner(s) . . . PM if one of these piques your interest:

1) Recently divorced, living in the suburbs, financially secure, I look out the window one Saturday to see a moving van next door - you and all your belongings. I come over to give a hand since it looks like you are pretty much on your own except for your parents. I can take care of a couple of things that need a handyman. After your parents leave . . . I offer to fire up the grill and you agree to a burger and a beer . . .

2) I need a new administrative assistant - my last left unexpectedly when her husband transferred - part of your duties involve making my travel arrangements. Before too long, I decide you need to travel with me on an assignment . .. all starts very innocently . . .

3) I am the new neighbor, and as a single mom, you are excited that I can help your son with his Little League career . . . pretty soon, we are spending more time just the two of us than I am teaching him how to play shortstop.

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When it came, it was like a rubber band that had been stretched for years snapped. The Water Wars in the deserts were little better than entertainment for the wealthy, beautiful people in the city. They took bets on the food riots, and even when the military took over, little changed. Money bought generals as easily as it bought politicians. When the virus broke out, they quarantined themselves in their palaces and watched on the news as the body count rose into the billions. They drank champagne and celebrated as though tomorrow would never come. They weren't so lucky. One day, the power went out. The food started to spoil, and one by one, the beautiful people turned on each other or fled into the wasteland.
Beautiful, ditzy Lucy finds herself desperately unprepared for the dangers and difficulty of life in the aftermath of the end of the world. She hid while her friends tore themselves to pieces, and emerged from their compound when the last of the food was gone. She wandered into the wasteland in a designer dress and in shock, knowing that she needed to eat, drink and stay warm, but too traumatized to work out how.
Most of the wells were owned by gangs who were strong enough to control them, and those who traded themselves to the gangs for water. They worked as slaves, mostly, growing food, and there were women among them, but all of them had been ravaged by the disease, their beauty marred by growths and scars. Lucy started to realize that she was possibly the last unmarked girl in the world. It made her valuable, of course, but also vulnerable. She knew she would need help, and she knows what the cost will be.
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I'm aware that my profile suggests that I'm new, but I attempted to revive my old account and couldn't post anymore. I have this site to thank for the expansion of my writing skills at an earlier age...and poetry over the years hasn't held me over like this did once upon a time.

Seeking anyone who would be gracious enough to give me the chance to revive or inspire an old spirit to write like I used to. 20, Male. The more of myself I can put into my work, the greater the end result.

Don't hesitate please. I'm willing to consider any ideas. Thank you.
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Hey, the Queen Hippolyta's Revenge needs a crew! Join Samantha and I and get yer sealegs on... this RP is particularly tailored to women who enjoy the female body, but also has room for submissive men.

Link: http://forum.literotica.com/showthread.php?t=811772

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Originally Posted by MyPetal View Post
Hey, the Queen Hippolyta's Revenge needs a crew! Join Samantha and I and get yer sealegs on... this RP is particularly tailored to women who enjoy the female body, but also has room for submissive men.

Link: http://forum.literotica.com/showthread.php?t=811772
Frequency of posting expected? It sounds like a story I could get into, but my schedule only allows a couple posts a week. I would hate to bog down your story.

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I wouldn't worry to much about frequency. A few good posts are always better then a lot of ok posts.

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Hi Guys-

I am looking for someone to do an arranged marriage roleplay. I like romance but am open to ideas my partner has. Message me if interested.

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Originally Posted by Annisthyrienne View Post
Frequency of posting expected? It sounds like a story I could get into, but my schedule only allows a couple posts a week. I would hate to bog down your story.
I'm rarely going to be able to add more than one post per day, if that gives you an idea. I think that's one thing these kind of stories are good for. We could even have multiple tales going on at once--I'm sure it's a pretty good sized ship.

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Casting is open for Autumn Valley, a story of supernatural Americana in the vein of Washington Irving and Ray Bradbury. Going for modern fantasy rather than horror.
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★☆Hiya peoples!!! ☆★

Okay, so l've always wanted to do a Alice in wonderland rp, but l thought it would be like soooo boring to be just old Alice. Not that she inside cool, but them your like suppose to act like her and no thanks. l like playing my own people. People l came make my own. Anyway so l was thinking l could play like Alice's daughter or her grand daughter. That way even the wonderland people could be different and we could have a whole different story going on. That way no one has to play one of the wonderland characters until they want too.

I need 1 man please. Someone who can post like more then 1 paragraph for me. Give me something l can work with, please . I'll be playing more then one person because well... it's wonderland! It's a really big place.

If you want more details, just Pm okay.

★☆Thanks! ☆★
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I'm just looking for somebody that would keep an rp going, it doesn't matter what its about for the most part,but I just want an rp that is fun and kinky, any females interested, if you are, then pm me please
just a man looking for role plays, I'm a nice guy who likes having fun.

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The Betrothed and Her Guard

It's not like it sounds. It's more of a story geared toward the guard and her duties toward her princess she has sworn her life to protect. Maybe looking to 1 -3 more players, who would be willing to play two roles if it happens to escalate to that. Medieval setting, not a whole lot of sex (just wanted to post this here since there is more traffic, and sorry.) mostly story driven. Liberal use of imagination is a plus.

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Looking for a female roleplaying partner to write with. I'm not as prolific a writer as some of the others on here, but I can still write posts of decent length and detail. While I'm not the kind of writer who can type pages upon pages of text (as much as I'd like to be sometimes), I am definitely not a one-liner and will do my best to write posts of a decent length.

Good grammar and spelling is a must!
If you have a set-up in mind, great! If not, we can work one out together.

Also, if you like the ideas below, but would like to change some details feel free. I'm not fixated on the details so much and like to leave freedom for interpretation on your own part.

Stories that I am interested in roleplaying:
-I am the prey / summoner / hunter of a succubus (or some other demoness), in a fantasy or modern setting

-A virtual reality setting. I am looking for a partner who would be interested in playing either the AI program, or the outside "controller" of the virtual world.

-I discover a bottle/puzzle box/etc with a genie inside.

-If you have an idea that's not posted above, send it anyway. If it's fantasy or science-fiction related (or just generally geeky) I'll probably be intrigued at the very least.

PM me to let me know if anyone is interested. If you have a set-up in mind, great! If not, we can work one out together.

Oh I should also add that I'm only interested in roleplaying in a thread at the moment. I've tried roleplay via PM and instant messenger and it just isn't my cup of tea.

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looking for im roleplay

i'm new to these forums, but not new to roleplaying. I am interested in finding partners for a few good, long term, one on one rp's via instant messenger.

i like working out a roleplay with my partner, so if you are interested, please pm me with your ideas. i don't write furries, though. sorry.

i do however enjoy bdsm and noncon/reluctance roles and those will receive high consideration.

oh yeah, and i'm a girl!

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Hello again,

I'm looking for some descriptive writers out there that enjoy a good story along with an ample amount of sexiness. Iím interested in creative characters and concepts, simple but engaging storylines, and above all sex. Iím also very interested in description. Iím not expecting novels mind you, but a few paragraphs can do wonders! Even with that little you can do amazing things, and that is what I am searching for. Male, female, whateverÖIíve played all sorts of characters of varying genders and had a blast. Iím looking for anyone who finds what Iíve stated above even somewhat interesting. Iíll gladly play in either PM or thread, though due to time constraints I canít do IMís or anything of the sort.
Here are a few things that I really enjoy:
Creative and well thought out characters, both male and female.
Settings include fantasy, sci-fi and maybe modern. Modern with some fantasy or sci-fi flavor even.
Sexual Encounters Ė Story ideas are all well a good, but they should lead to the fun parts sooner than later.
Hereís the list of the things I hate:
Submissive Ė Iím sure its high on the list of a lot of people, but not here. Male or female submissiveness is just boring so go find it somewhere else.
Incest/scat/watersports Ė Do I really have to say anything about these?
So PM me away and tell me what you think. I got a few ideas rolling around in my head, but if you have any ideas please let me know and we can work on something together. Iím sure we can hammer out something mutually enjoyable to us both!

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I don't have any stories in mind right now and I do have several threads going on, but I'm really wanting to start something else as well...maybe an adventure...perhaps sci-fi or fantasy. I'm open to suggestions. The only thing that I ask is that you are able to write fairly frequently and more than just a few sentences. No need for pages, unless that's your thing...the more you give me, the more I give you Ė especially if we jive well and can feed off one another. That's always the best partnership. PM me if you have any ideas. Would love to hear them.

I will be MIA for a while.

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Originally Posted by DrStein View Post

Casting is open for Autumn Valley, a story of supernatural Americana in the vein of Washington Irving and Ray Bradbury. Going for modern fantasy rather than horror.
Giving this a little bump. We already have a couple of charming young ladies in the thread, but we need more players, especially men to balance things out.
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