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"Yours. All yours." Midgeon agreed. "I have never know love like this." She admitted, resting her body against his. "You've been with so many, how do I compare?" She asked softly, snuggling into his arms an playing a finger around his bare chest.

She lifted her head and gave him a coy grin. "Only three?" She giggled so hard she snorted. "Oh my gawd! Just pretend I didn't just do that, please?!" She laughed and hid her face in his chest, embarassed. It took a minute for her to calm back down, but when she did, she hadidn't her ear to his chest, listening to the beat of his heart.

She thought about things for a moment before sitting up on top of him, her hands still on his chest. "You should think about coming with me. Leave this place, join the harpers and stay by my side."
Listen carefully to the
sound of your loneliness
Like a heartbeat .. drives you mad
In the stillness of remembering

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