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Ripple in the Water
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Cherubian's Carnal Concoctions [F for GM, IM preferred]

Cherubian promised to let me have her any way I wanted if I told you all how awesome she is, so: She is super awesome

I never fapped harder than when I roleplayed with Cherubian

I will see a sawhorse through different eyes now ...

Dear fellow denizens of Blue Moon, after a very prolonged hiatus I have returned, since I need your help.

My mind is haunted with thought fragments of a decidedly erotic nature. Sensual story components that are just begging to be coalesced into something more coherent. A steamy and fantastic tale about the perilous adventures of a most alluring adventuress. A heart warming tale about an eerie lithe beauty being pounded relentlessly by an old pervert. Or several. A I think you get the idea by now. And I would love to have a friendly partner in the endeavor to organize these stray puzzle pieces into an exciting story.

That partner can be you!

What sort of story?

Wow, I like your enthusiasm. Before we get to that I find it necessary to go over a technical but rather essential detail. I do prefer to conduct these roleplays via some form of instant messengers. My current favorite is Discord, though if all it takes to get the roleplay of my dreams is to download another client then that shall not be an obstacle. I simply like the perks of quick paced responses and interaction that make it a lot easier to build mood and excitement and tension than when there are day long gaps after each post. The downside of this is that our schedules will have to align. During the week I am usually available starting around 8 pm, CEST (Central European Time). During the weekends I am more flexible.

If playing via instant messenger with me is not an option for you for some valid reason but you still like what you get to read in this thread a lot, go ahead and contact me still. It might take a bit more to convince me to try forum, PM, or another more persistent medium, but the chance is there.

What sort of story?

Still with me? Great!

First of all, which should not come as a surprise here on Literotica, I am looking for stories of an erotic nature with clearly adult content. However, that should not be the sole focus. I am loathe to give smut:story ratios as that to me views the two as separate entities. They are not, or rather should not be. For me the best way to present fornication related scenes is to embed them into a suitably titilating plot that builds tension and leads up to an exciting rutting. That does not mean all of the plot should solely serve to lead to the next intercourse, either. Providing a good, enthralling story around the carnal acts will lift the whole experience up another level or two. So in short: Plot is hot. Or should be.

In these stories I am looking to play a competent and powerful protagonist. I find no appeal in enacting a helpless damsel in distress that has nothing better to do than swoon over the strappingly hand- and awesome male who deigns to rescue and aid her. Or alternatively be a helpless victim to suffer whatever sex laden fate the males that make up her distress have in mind for her. I like to keep my agency, even in seeming non consensual scenes, more on that later.

As you can already tell there is a heavy focus on the female protagonist, and consequently I am looking for a partner who is willing to take up the mantle of a GM. For me it is just more alluring to not know in advance around which other characters the story will center, as happens to be the case in classical one-on-one roleplays.

Setting wise low magic fantasy just has to be my favorite. The works of Robert E. Howard about Conan the Barbarian are a good example of what I am looking for. A world based on our own antiquity I prefer that period to the middle ages with some supernatural touches that however are not as blatant or frequent as in your regular D&D setting. Users of magic should be rare and as a whole not powerful generalists. Overabundance of magic or technology which can take the same role in a science fiction setting in my experience just detracts the plot from the characters towards the gimmicky, the magic respectively gadgets at your disposal.

So what turns you on? Or off?

Still, allow me to elaborate on the aspects I deem most important.

Probably my biggest turn on is the setup of the act. What plot development led to her being naked? And oogled? Groped? Or dicked? Done right the anticipation this creates can be at least as stimulating as the actual scene that follows. Creativity in that regard is greatly appreciated.

I quite fond of of casual spontaneous couplings. Romatic plots not as much. If you really want to have one ore more NPCs fall madly in love with our protagonist, you are welcome, just do not expect her to reciprocate those feelings.

I like to retain agency during the sex. That rules out hard non consensual scenes where our heroine gets overwhelmed by a being more powerful than her and is helplessly at his mercy. Where is the fun in that? Isn't it much more enjoyable to have some pseudo rapey action. Like that lowly thug who has no idea whom he is dealing with. And still, when he tries to force the issue our heroine decides to let him have his way.
My hidden inferiority complex makes me extend this to the point where I greatly prefer even consensual acts where her counterpart is individually less powerful than her.

I love it when my woman is naked in provocative situations, but most when she's having sex. Clothes will just hide her gorgeous body. Whether the involved male(s) follows suit or merely unzips his pants to get out his tool is up to him entirely.

I am drawn to the contrast between a drop dead gorgeous girl getting it on with a not so attractive - even downright ugly - man. It makes sense that the rich older merchant has a physique showing his age and wealth with his youthful strength gone replaced by a visible gut. Let him be like that when it makes sense and pursue ourheroine in his leecherous obsession despite that handicap.

If it comes to a group scenes I am a big fan of multiple males taking turns rather than all piling onto her at the same time. Going one after the other leaves more room for sloppy seconds, dirty talk and the other benefits of sharing. Triple penetration to me seems like an invention of the porn industry.

Do you have more specific examples of what you are looking for?

Sure do, but since this post is already getting a bit long, I have attached them below.

Awesome. I absolutely have to roleplay with you!

Great! Just PM me.

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Ripple in the Water
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Sample Plot Ideas

As promised above, here are some of the plethora of plots I am looking for.

A New Career Path

He should be happy. The adventurer woman sitting across his desk had exceeded his expectations. Not only had she delivered the secret missive and returned with a reply, she also was able to unveil the identity of the rival who had secretly been sabotaging him. But even as he pushed the bag with the agreed upon sum and a well deserved bonus across the table to her his thoughts were somewhere else.

His evening soirees for years have been the talk of the nobility in the city. He prided himself on their diligent planning, spectacular execution and excellent reputation. Tonight it was time again, and as usual he had planned it well. As a special attraction during the banquet half a dozen beautiful women would be placed at strategic spots in the dinner hall, their upper bodies bare for his guests viewing pleasure. It had taken some time to find six suitable candidates with the right combination of slender waist and ample bust, but his diligent search had borne fruit.

Until this morning one of them fell sick. Which put him into a dilemma. Having just five girls would disrupt the symmetry of the arrangement in an unacceptable way. Finding a suitable replacement, on the other hand, was illusory on such short notice

But wait. That adventuress, who was right now pocketing the coin pouch. He had noticed before, when he hired her. Even the leather armor she wore could not conceal how impressively bountiful her chest was. He'd have to check first to be sure, but she might actually qualify as replacement. If she was so inclined. It is a long shot, but what other choice does he have?

There are Witchers but no Witches?

As you may have guess by the title I have recently finished my playthrough of The Witcher 3, including the Blood and Wine Expansion. The biggest gripe I have with the game is that I have to play a male protagonist. Yes, I understand, the main plot is sort of dependent on the protagonist being Geralt and noone else, but still ... that creates yet another itch that I would love to get scratched.

So what I would really love to do currently is to play a female witcher of some sort even if that means the canon has to be bent a bit to allow for it. And for that I need a generous individual portraying the world around her in an entertaining fashion. Speaking of canon, we do not have to follow the game - and in particular the main quest - too closely in that regard, it is more the general vibe - and the sexy figments that game planted into my imagination. Of course some of the games side quests do offer good inspiration for that.

So if you are up for seeing how for example a female witcher would handle a meeting with Dijkstra in his bath house ... just PM me.

A Sudden Case Of Matrimony

The setting for this would be an ancient metropolis resembling the Rome of antiquity.

Our heroine is the youngest daughter of a higher noble family. Prior to her birth, her mother like several other rich women fell for a charlatan alchemist who would - for a horrendous price - sell potions that supposedly greatly and permanently enhanced the unborn children's abilities when imbibed by the mother.

In all but one case the potion led to a monstrous miscarriage and the alchemist was hunted down and hanged. Her mother, finally aware of what she had done, with some discreet manipulation managed to keep her name out of this. To this day not even her husband knows. It certainly helped that her daughter turned out to be normal looking.

One of the side effects of the potion made itself manifest as all throughout puberty the girl would not have her time of the month. She was irrevocably sterile, although noone but the mother knew the true source of this, Which greatly diminished her value as bargaining material via marriage. Consequently she came to sort of an unspoken agreement with her father. She would have relative freedom to spend her time as she pleased, as long as she stayed out of his way and did not embarrass the family name.

Not sure what to do with her time she on a whim decided to get herself some martial training. That might come in handy against a mugging or a potential assassination attempt after all. Or she just consumed too much heroic fiction in her youth? Maybe on a hunch she purchased an old slave who turned out to be quite a capable teacher and helped her learn exactly the sort of combat arts that would assist her even in the palaces and courts where wearing armor and weaponry was simply not an option for her. Turns out the combination of her enhanced physique and an unexpected natural aptitude caused the training to bear bountiful fruit.

The pivotal event that starts the campaign, though, is when her father finally does find a suitable marriage candidate for her. A rich old widower of an acquainted noble house, he is no longer interested in creating offspring. His former wife saw to that. He is, however, quite interested in pretty and most importantly legitimate arm candy. Expecting benefits from forging this sort of family ties her father agrees to the request from the old man.

From here on there are several ways this could go:

Our heroine could, to her own surprise, find the presence of and copulation with her husband to be at least bearable. She gets involved in his affairs. And perhaps greatly rises in his opinion once she single handedly foils an assassination attempt on him?
Our heroine is quite opposed to her father's proposal and decides to run away
Before the marriage is conducted some form of disaster strikes?

A Clash Of Cultures

Our heroine was born to one of the barbarian tribes that inhabit the vast forests and plains of the frozen north. Her birth, though, was shrouded in mystery, her mother found babbling incoherently in the woods, signs of recent rape evident on her and her mind gone. Shortly after giving birth her mother died.

As she grew up rumors about the nature of her father began to circulate, since the girl developed an astonishing physique. At the age of 16 she could easily best even the most seasoned warriors of the tribe in their spars as no one could match her speed and strength. This caused no small amount of unrest, since that strength of hers by tradition would make her a prime candidate for the office of chieftain and none of the proud men liked the idea of being ruled by a woman. So, with the argument that she is the spawn of some unnatural beast, she was exiled from the tribe.

Once the initial shock wore off she decided to make the best of her situation and wander the world, earning her living with her skill with the blade. Soon her travels brought her to the warm south with its mild climate and its gargantuan if debauched cities. On the road fate smiles upon her as she comes upon an older man beset by bandits, his guards already slain and he alive only because of the criminals sadistic playfulness. Those thugs are no match for her martial prowess, though, and she saves the old man, who turns out to be a noble of considerate wealth who as a reward for saving his life invites her to his home.

What she sees there is nothing like anything she ever experienced before. Instead of a struggle for survival there is a score of slaves tending to her every need, even attending her while bathing and getting dressed. Her sturdy but coarse garments are replaced by fine if somewhat scant silks. Her daily struggle is replaced by festivities and the offer for all kind of debauchery. With her impressive physique she does stand out, a stark contrast to the slender and lithe pleasure slaves, and as such piques the interest of a few men. Including her host, who has to reconcile his genuine gratefulness for his rescue with his deeply ingrained patriarchal world view.

And as is to be expected there are malicious conspiracies at work in a city as vast as this one, some attempting to topple her benefactor in a game of intrique and assassinations. But these assassins, in turn, are not prepared for the force of nature that is this new arrival. And so our heroine finds herself not only amidst luxury and orgies, but also an unexpected adventure.

A Place To Call Home

Tales about the might of magic in the olden days still circulate in the populace, always in conjunction with warnings about the dark and dangerous nature of the arcane arts. Those are tales of ages past, though, since the few gifted that are born these days are a mere shadow of the heroes and villains of those stories.

But then there is our heroine. She is one of the gifted, and not only that, she was also blessed with prodigious intelligence and ambition. As soon as she learned about her nature she began to study with relentless fervor all there was about her art. Ruthlessly she not only absorbed the accepted canon from the few teachers she could find, she also tread the dark path of necromancy, the discipline of life and death, described in forbidden tomes she managed to unearth. With that knowledge she was able to alter her body in a way that would make it impervious to the ravages of time.

No longer in fear of old age she then could proceed with her studies in a far more patient, but also diligent way, a century of training letting her delve deeper into the mysteries than anyone else in a long time. During this she rediscovered the secret to animate the dead, and in secret she started to build her undead army.

Now war is wracking the continent. The two major powers are at each others throat, embroiled in a devastating conflict. Some of the smaller states at the perimeter have managed to keep their neutrality, and it is one of them she has set her sights on. Not much more than a city state at the southern tip of the landmass, grown wealthy by trade with both conflict parties, it seems ripe for the picking, to become her very own kingdom. So she sets her legions to march.


Most importantly, these are just examples. If you have a great idea of your own, plot twists and surprises to excite me with, I am all game. The classical wandering adventuress/mercenary can be played out in many entertaining forms. Don't be shy just because your idea is not listed here yet.
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