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Caron4Flash as Jerome Steinmetz,
EmpressJosephine as Sara Williams.

Part I: "Kiss on My List"............1.

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Part I: "Kiss on My List"


"Love is what it does and ours is doing nothing,
"But, all the time we spent,
"It must be good for something.
"Please forgive all the disturbance I'm creating,
"But you got a lot to learn if you think that I'm not waiting for you."

On her feet with her lighter held in the air, Sara did not know what prompted her to look down at Jerome just then. Perhaps she felt his eyes upon her. As Hall and Oates finished up “Wait for Me,” Jerome gave her that look.

She had seen it before, years earlier. Having grown up around the Steinmetz household, Sara had the habit of simply walking into their home without knocking. That day, she found their house disturbingly quiet. Worried that something might have happened to Jerome, she hurried up the hallway to his closed bedroom door and flung it open without knocking.

“Hey!” Jerome had shouted and turned over the 4x6 photograph he held in his left hand, while his right still gripped his erect penis where he sat. He had not reacted in time. She had seen her own face on the photo and now recognized her handwriting on the back. Jerome started mumbling apologies and excuses.

“It’s cool,” Sara immediately replied. She really wanted to save him embarrassment, and she instinctively knew the best way to do it. “I know how you feel. It’s this fucking hot weather. I’ve needed to come all day! Besides, wouldn’t you rather do it looking at the real thing?”

Without another word, she had loosened and pushed down her short blue denim cut-offs. According to habit, she wore no panties, so he could see every detail as she started touching herself. Through half-closed eyes, she watched Jerome resume masturbating, now looking at her instead of her photograph. She enjoyed the display of his stiff organ, its head and veins engorged with blood, as his hands slid up and down it with increasing speed. It took him a while yet, probably because having her there discomforted him. When he finally ejaculated all over his own hand and lap, it prompted her own orgasm. Before he had caught his breath, Sara pulled up her shorts, kissed his cheek, and whispered. “Thanks... I needed that.”

Afterward, she avoided Jerome for a while, not sure how he would interpret he impulsive action. When she finally did see him again, he gave her that look for the first time. She ignored it, still unsure how to respond. Back then, she had a steady boyfriend, after all.

She felt a twinge of sexual desire from that memory when it occurred to her that she had put on that same pair of shorts tonight for the concert. Not only did they complement the dark blue tank top she had selected, but her legs always drew compliments, and she exposed them whenever she could. The high heels of her white, leather fringed ankle boots brought out the smooth curves of her calves and thin thighs. The sheer bra she wore made her pert but average size bust look equally voluptuous under her top.

As the cheers and applause diminished, but before the next song started, she bent down and yelled so Jerome could hear. “What a fantastic show.... God damn, but these seats are fucking great!”

Together, they had listened to and loved Hall and Oates since she had bought their second big album back in 1975, simply because she loved its song “Sara Smile,” relating it to her own name. So she had asked Jerome to tonight’s concert, promoting their latest album, H2O. Her tickets for this show, however, would have placed them in the nose-bleed seats. When the ushers saw Jerome in his electric wheelchair, however, they took them aside and explained that he could not sit in that “handicap inaccessible” section.

“Hell no!” Sara had growled in reply. Too often she had seen Jerome treated like a second class citizen because of his disability. Her voice rose with her anger. “I paid good money for these tickets. You ain’t shoving me and my friend in no fucking corner!”

“Please, Miss,” the usher replied with a patience suggesting he recognized this reaction. “Please wait until you see where we’ll place you instead. I’m sure you’ll find it satisfactory.”

The arena’s first mezzanine included, right in the center, a widened concrete deck for the light and sound boards. The usher led them to an open area to the right of these, pointed to were they wanted Jerome to park, and brought out a folding chair so that Sara could sit right next to him. Not only did this place them at least twice as close to the stage than her tickets would have done, but also, by being right next to the band’s sound engineers, they heard the music perfectly.

After the main part of the show, as the crown clapped, whistled and stomped, demanding an encore, Sara leaned over and kissed his cheek. “Goddammit, Jerome! This is the best concert of my whole fucking life!”

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Sara looked so beautiful in the outfit that she chose to wear, it made guys glance at her all night.
During the concert, Jerome couldn’t help thinking of the day, they ended up masturbated together.
Her eyes were fixed on him rubbing his cock with his palm. Her back arching on his bedroom door, licking her lips as he came on his lap.

Then, he thought of the day that Sara made a surprise visit to him from college. Her long time boyfriend, Denny had just broken up with her. She was heartbroken. Sara thought for sure that she was going to marry him. Jerome and Sara talked for hours and when she was about to leave, she put a hand on Jerome’s arm and said, I love you. He said, I love you.

After she left, that night Jerome was thinking about her and couldn’t sleep. He got on his stomach and humped his bed pretending it was Sara. Jerome was conflicted and feeling guilty and frustrated. He was a late bloomer,, it was only the 2nd time that he had masturbated. It wasn’t just lust for Jerome, he truly loved her. She totally took him under his wing in school, took him to games and parties so people got to know her like she did.

Jerome loved being at the concert with her. But was uneasy all through the night. He wanted to tell her that he was in love with her and he wanted to sleep with her. But their friendship meant so much to him.

As the last song of the night played, kiss on my list. Sara kissed him on his cheek and leaned on his shoulder and said, I love you.

Going out of the arena, Sara got on back of Jerome’s chair, hand on his shoulder and rode it to their van. As they were going down the arena concourse, guys were staring at them. Sara exclaimed, Yea, I am with him! Deal with that motherfuckers! Then, she laughed and went to Jerome, Man, could this night get any fucking better.
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