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RP Enjoyment
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-jason held her hand as they left and got in to his car.-"Where did you want to eat baby.'-He smiled and squeezed her leg as he drives.-


-Trevor smiled and took her hand.-"your coming with us slowly walk out."-He grins-"and to the back."-He smiled as he stood up as the other three did and slowly walked her towards the back of the resturaunt where it was like a closed section of the dinner.-


-He groped her tits and pinched her nipples.-"You were hard to catch but i got you now and your not getting away."
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"Let's try the new sushi place that opened downtown. " I said. I moaned as he began to caress and squeeze my thigh. Meanwhile, I was thinking about my plan on how to start taking down Trevor and the others. I knew that I was going to start with Ozzie. He would be easy to convince. I decided that I would have Jason rough me up when we had fun. After, I would pretend to be battered and stumble over to Ozzie once he got home and beg for help. I could play the innocent victim making Ozzie think I was a victim in all this, give him the time of his life before subduing him. I could post a video which would be sent to Trevor demanding a ransom. Of course, I know that they would not want to pay for him, but they would be coming in hoping to deal with me. That is when me and my crew would ambush them. It would be me, Jason, Freeze, my dad, and some henchmen. In the process, I hope that Geo/Batman and that bitch Foxy would show. I would take the opportunity to make them pay as well for abandoning me. I ran the idea through Jason. I would tell my dad later. I was a little weary of seeing him after what happened earlier.


I was afraid as they pulled me to the back of the diner. The other patrons pretended not to notice. "Please don't hurt me" I whimpered. I whimpered as I was forced to my knees first.

"Mmmm, I definitely won't try to run anymore, Batman." I moaned as he toyed with my nipples.
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