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As it so happens, I've been churning an idea somewhat like this (but not exactly) for awhile (like two years or more). A couple of points from my own notes that may or may not be useful for your endeavor.

In mine, a guy "dies", but has donated his body to science. Since he was diagnosed with CTE, his brain in particular is valued. The brain in question is put in a nutrient bath and hooked up to electrodes connected to computers for neurologists to study as they apply electrical currents to various nodes, etc.

I know, I know. Not really like yours so far, but bear with me.

The guy in question was a teacher who taught... wait for it... electronics repair and computing.

He also was dual diagnosed with co-dependency and sex addiction and as a hobby built Sybian style devices that were... well... maybe a little more bondage related than most. (Dual piston driven dildos coming up from under the seat of a chair that had clamps on the arms and... well, you get the idea. )

The rest is largely a matter of sticking in enough mathematical proofs without overdoing it to provide those willing with enough reason to believe that;

a) Ghosts (or in my case, the brain) can act in an electromagnetic manner. (lots of "proof" on ghost hunter sites of that sort of thing)
b) It is possible for a pulse of the correct number of volts to make something such as an electrical cord physically move. (it actually is, but most American household circuits will trip a breaker if hit by enough volts to do it. think how a downed powerline can jump and twist)
c) Controlling electronic chips is largely a product of knowing the flip-flops and the mathematical values that would trip them in the proper sequence to get the desired outcome.
d) A co-dependant sex addict tends to value the responses of their partner (or haunting victim?) more than their own. In a manner, getting their partner off is how they get off.

Then just skim in some basic hacking. For example turning on laptop or phone cameras remotely. Again, enough to be believable, but keeping the math at a minimum to avoid putting the numerically numbed to sleep.

Lots of voyeurism in mine, but I did work in a few scenes where he "took over" sex toys. Obviously battery operated were out of bounds for what I was doing, so I had to stick with ones that actually plugged into the power lines or the computer.

A ghost, however, with an in-depth knowledge (all puns intended) of electronics should be able to control the relatively simple mechanics of a vibrator. BUT! I would probably work in battery failure, especially chemical corrosion, since that would be an expected outcome of frequent electromagnetic pulses.

The endings I had plotted down to one of two possibles.

The first, the disembodied brain accidentally fucked the poor girl "to death". I figured one hundred and fifty-two back to back orgasms would probably do it. Since she also donated her body to science, and because of the way she "died", I planned on placing her brain in the jar next to his. Cue the bridal march.

Since the first treaded perilously close to the demarcation of "snuff", even though technically she didn't die since brain function never completely ceased, I created a second ending that forced me to backtrack through the story and alter it significantly.

The second ending, the gal in question caught on what was happening in time and went "off grid". Cabin in the woods. No electronics. No electricity. Her boyfriend tracked her down and the final scene zoomed out from the boyfriend's cell phone cracking under her boot heel to a satellite looking down from overhead.

Anyway, I still tinker with that one from time to time when I'm not actively working on something else more immediate. Some day, if I live long enough, I might get around to finishing it. In the meantime, I figured I'd share some of it to see if maybe it could help you in the meantime. Best of luck and I look forward to reading your completed story.
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Wikipedia lists many sex toys, some of which a ghost would likely find clumsy. Well, let's have a shapeshifting ghost with wide-ranging capabilities and interests. S/he can form their ectoplasm into any desired shape, texture, and hardness / softness. They're a total sex-toy, especially with controlled visibility. That's OK for strokers, not so much for drama.

So we add limits. S/he can only morph one part of their tenuous body into toy-like form. Maybe all that materialize are their original genitals, or only their mouths, or one thumb and forefinger. Now we can have a nice Scooby-Doo chase with disembodied fingers or tongues vibrantly surprising their victims -- who dash about yelling and spasming, likely naked. Fun fun fun.

Between those extremes we can have a human ghost paired with a magic-demonic-angelic-whatever spirit companion, a fantasy pet that can morph into any sex toy imaginable. And the 'toy' has its own ideas of what's sexy, beyond the wants or control of its human ghost. Ghost tries a perversion; toy does its own thing; hilarity ensues.
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