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Originally Posted by magicalmoments View Post
They can also turn them off if they don't like it.
They never "don't like it."

The MSM's job is to tell the no information mouth breathers what to think. It's like broadcasting kiddie porn to a bunch of sexual predators.
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Originally Posted by HisArpy View Post
1. Multiple people trying to get the word out and stepping on the message is pretty common in the early days of EVERY administration. You can fact check that and you will find it is true.
Where did I say it was only Trump's administration?

2. Criminal? When was Trump convicted of a crime? Oh, I get it, you WANT him to be a bad guy so you brand him a criminal to justify your condemnation.
- Yes.

- When did I say he's been convicted. Haven't seen you come to H. Clinton's defense when people say she's a criminal.
I guess if someone robbed you at gunpoint you'd make sure to tell everyone that the person isn't a criminal.

-It's no skin off my nose if he is or isn't. But the fact of the matter is that it's been well documented that he's committed several crimes. At least I think using money from a charity for personal or business expenses is a crime.
3. READ THE FUCKING ARTICLE. Anonymous this, unnamed that.
Yeah, Trump would never use anonymous or unnamed sources.

This is not "Spicer confirms the report" like you want it to read. Spin is everything.
"James Comey created unnecessary pressure on our ability to engage and negotiate with Russia" - Sean Spicer
If Trump didn't say what was reported, why would Spicer not deny it? He would have no worries about being proved a liar would he?

4. Police act on anonymous tips to GO GET EVIDENCE. They don't arrest and convict on in.
- And that's what the investigations are doing.
- Who has been arrested?
I cursed because I had no eyes, until I met a cheerful man who had no head.
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