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Heather's Story

Heather's Story Ch. 01

About a year ago I posted my first story to LIT. It was supposed to be a standalone, but I left a cliffhanger at the end, just in case. It got relatively positive reviews and turned into a three chapter series with no satisfying conclusion.

I found I had written myself into a corner where there were no characters other than the main three, and, thus, nowhere for the plot to go.

And I love plot.

So I rewrote. And rewrote. This is chapter 1 (which includes Ch. 01 and half of 2 from the original). I have two more installments pending, all at the same length and another two in the pipe pending rewrite.

This is much more heavily plot driven (though there is a lot of sex), and I would be interested in what you have to say about it.

If anyone is wondering where the original story is, the site admins would not re-publish the same story so I needed to take the old ones down.
Criticism is always welcome.

<insert witticism here>

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New story, the first in years! Fuckboy Billy Ch. 01
It's the first chapter of a gay BDSM story.
Edited by the fantastic MadamWhitewalker.
I welcome feeback!

My Literotica Submissions

23.11.16 - Updated an old submission: The Dive
16.11.16 - New submission: Fuckboy Billy Ch. 01

I'm available as a beta reader

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Mumbai Mix Ch. 02

Hi all, the second part of my story about a Brit and a young Indian woman has been published. You can find it here:
In this part Mark and Kriti's relationship goes to a new level, I submitted it in the Anal category, although of course the interracial element runs through it!
Chapter 1 is currently ranked hot, so do take a look if it appeals!
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Chapter 12 up and live. Enjoy!
Interested in White Male/Other Female interracial? Into Superheroines and harems? Stop by and browse my stories.

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November '16...

...'s story is up, and found right here—sequel to "The Babysitter": https://www.literotica.com/s/the-babysitter-ch-02-6 Enjoy, happy readin'.
"It's a crazy world out there...let's hope our prayers are in good hands tonight..."
"If you are a good and strong person, your work is never done."
Stories link: http://www.literotica.com/stories/me...ge=submissions
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To Wear The Horns

Chapter 2 of To Wear the Horns is now live!

And if you missed chapter 1, here you go https://www.literotica.com/s/to-wear...d-family-pt-01

As a content warning, it's full of incest, cuckolding (I know, who could guess from that title?), pegging, watersports, chastity and gorgeous fat women.
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Other Colors - chapters 23-24

Two new chapters are up. A D/s romance with a slow, sensuous build. I've been working on this story for years. Hope you enjoy it, and feedback is always appreciated!

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From "Christmas With the Devil":

Jolly old Saint Nicholas had one last job to do that evening. A job he dreaded.

He stood at an iron door in the side of a mountain at the top of the world, lifting an old, rusted key from around his neck and wondering if he really had to go through with it. Maybe this year, just for once, he could skip this particular chore...

But no. He shook his head, spilling snow from his crown of ivy. He was obligated to be charitable to everyone in need. And what soul needed charity more than this one?

The door's ancient hinges were still strong after nearly 1,700 years, and they made a stubborn squealing noise as they opened. Once open, the moonlight spilled in, revealing a barren cell and a most singular prisoner, a hairy beast with horns and hooves, a kind of blasphemous man-goat. Even the ever-compassionate Saint Nicholas winced at the sight of the creature. Iron chains bound this prisoner from head to hoof.

They looked at each other in silence for a moment as snow drifted to the ground outside. Saint Nick cleared his throat. "Well, Christmas has come again, you old sinner" said the saint, trying to maintain his customary cheer. "You know what that means."

The great gray goat held out his wrists. Saint Nicholas fiddled with the big key, trying to make it fit the locks. "Try to do some good this year?" he said as he worked at them. "Maybe help someone, if you can manage it?"

The chained figure only shrugged in reply. He wasn't the type to make promises, even on a special occasion like this.

With a sigh, Saint Nicholas unfastened the locks. Free at last, the Beast of the Yuletide let out a hearty growl, stretched his legs, winked at Saint Nicholas, and, laying his finger aside of his nose, leapt out into the dark, snowy night.

Saint Nick grumbled as the horned figure vanished. "I'm just a bleeding heart, that's my problem," he said. "One of these days it's going to get me into trouble."

Read the rest: "Christmas With the Devil"

Latest stories (Holiday Contest):

Christmas With the Devil: Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, a creature was stirring...
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Chapter 13. Enjoy!
Interested in White Male/Other Female interracial? Into Superheroines and harems? Stop by and browse my stories.

Like my work? Support me on Patreon.
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I've written two new installments of "All the Power," and a brief story outlining some of the background. It's a BDSM-y harem fantasy and a lot of what you need to know about it is in the title. I've tried to build out the world and get more character stuff in the newer installments. It would probably help if you read the background first (and, frankly, if you have a something of a fetish for deepthroat blowjobs).

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Fire, Grey

Two new short stories from a new author.

He doesn't see red when he finally catches up with her

People don't get fairytale endings, and rainbows eventually fade to grey.

I enjoy reader participation. My stories reflect that. I would be very grateful if you could tell me how you interpreted the story.

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